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Life Enrichment Workshops with Melissa Zollo

There’s something magically refreshing to mind, body, and spirit to get away from the mundane day-to-day activities of life. Traveling provides the opportunity to break free from habits and routines that may be driving the problems in your life. Getting a new perspective by learning to imagine and create blueprints that become part of your subconscious mind can literally immediately change your life forever.

Maybe you have a dream that you haven’t been able to manifest. Perhaps you want to learn how to design new positive mental blueprints but don’t know where to begin. You may be seeking to expand your knowledge of the Universal Laws of Life and the Power of Imagination. It may be healing in body or relationships that so desperately drive you to find answers. You may not know exactly what you need but you do know you need something to calm your feelings of being overwhelmed and lonely.

“Whenever traveling on foot or in a car, bus, airplane or train it is vital to affirm that your journey is peaceful. Travel with the mindset that you will meet people who are messengers of happiness, security, and safety. Remind yourself that an invisible armor of protection surrounds you from departure point to arrival. If you deeply feel that the Spirit of Protection is surrounding you, all of your travels will be beautiful, joyous and blessed.” ~ Melissa Zollo

Quench Your Thirst for New Life

At the request of others she’s helped, Melissa designed Life Enrichment workshops to provide a place of safety and comfort at beautiful resorts so that nobody is afraid to come alone. The spa experience quenches your body, mind, and spirit’s thirst for renewal as it washes away all the concerns and worries of the world. Not only do these adventures provide you access to Melissa’s wisdom and knowledge in person, but they also provide beauty, and activities. Tranquility saturates your mind as you are transported to places you’ve only visited in your dreams. Melissa’s Life Enrichment Workshops sell out fast due to their popularity and limited number of seats. It’s always wise to book as early as possible!

So refreshing, genuine, enticing, indulgent, and extraordinary!

Take the time to do something special for yourself. For it is only when you find that place of balance in yourself that you can truly help others. It is vitally important to claim that refreshing, rejuvenating, revitalizing, re-energizing time for yourself. You deserve to be the very best YOU that you were created to be!

Pack Lightly. You’ll need room for the memories!

"Melissa Zollo's Life Enrichment Travel Seminar From Dream to Reality was a week of exceptional sessions, one on one consultations (while taking Roman baths in warm mineral waters fresh from the mountains), laughter, shopping for silver, sharing, healing and personal growth beyond my wildest expectations! The structure for Melissa’s talks provided a truly holistic opportunity for developing the body, mind, and spirit connection that allowed for accelerated growth, insights and healing to occur. I went into the week not even beginning to understand the many issues and pain I had to deal with. Clearing away mental and emotional discord through Melissa's Imaginal Dynamic left me feeling refreshed, invigorated, and healed. All of the wonderful participants gained new insights from Conversations with Melissa as well as from observing each other’s odyssey from unconscious resistance to self-transformation and increased awareness. I now have a plan for moving forward with my blueprint, unencumbered by old fears and doubts – all left behind and washed clean by my experiences at Melissa’s Life Enrichment Seminar in Mexico. Travel with Melissa focuses on destinations to unwind, re-imagine, and find balance. If you know someone interested in healthy living, great educational travel, and vacation opportunities with a twist suggest that they sign up for Melissa's next travel seminar. Travelers' fortune will find that Ms Zollo supplies a connection to those who are looking to experience something deeper on their vacation."

Professor Deborah Nightingale
Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division
Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT
Boston, MA

"I have spent many years looking for the "missing piece” of the puzzle of my life since I initiated my search for it. With every search whether it was therapy, seminar, courses, workgroup studies, counselors, and hundred of books, I always got something - one piece at a time for my growth. Piece by piece I have learned to connect with my world of emotions, feelings, thoughts, and energy. However, I hadn't found the "clever piece" to glue all this acquired knowledge and make it work together until I went to Mexico and lived the Principals of Truth with Melissa Zollo. The setting for Melissa's Life Enrichment Seminar allowed me to enjoy the beauty of the environment, walking, laughing, and sharing with others. As I digested new information, I discovered the missing piece of my life's puzzle. This trip allowed me to connect and apply (for the first time in my life) all the knowledge about spiritual laws that I have acquired through the many years since I came to USA from Colombia. Now, I am connected to I AM, the Infinite Power of Being, and living my life from the present moment and not from living in my past. I now respect myself and others in new ways. I do all of this with the support from Melissa's Discover the Power of Imagination and How to Unleash the Power Within CDs, seminars and consultations.
Melissa Zollo is pure inspiration and her From Dream to Reality Travel Seminar offers visible improvement and positive results. It gives everyone a program that revitalizes the spirit as well as the senses. Now, self-healing doesn't have to be a distant dream.

Maria C. Gomez
Systems Engineer
Gaithersburg, Maryland

Attending "Melissa Zollo's Life Enrichment Travel Seminar on creating the life you want was a profound life altering experience for me. I participated in it to deepen my understanding of how to move beyond limitation, habit and frustration. Up high in the mountains of Mexico I worked closely with Melissa to grasp how my mental habits were blocking inner peace and material rewards. Uncompromising with the truth on how to successfully use the Imaginal Dynamic and spiritual laws, Melissa's focused attention, determination, and extraordinary compassion helped me to remove my blinders and become aware of my own power. As a result I came face to face with the memory that has imprisoned me for over 45 years and began the process of rising in consciousness to the solution.. Melissa set the stage perfectly for everyone to learn that happiness is paying attention and listening as you move beyond self-denial so as to respect oneself, and change as quickly as life does. I now understand that knowing myself is true wisdom and mastering myself is true power. If you are standing on the threshold of a much needed new beginningand are ready to shift from a place of fear to a place of love and self-acceptance Travel with Melissa and attend her Life Enrichment Travel Seminars."

Betsey Beaven
Co-Author The Political Palate, Second Seasonal Political Palate, The Perennial Political Palate, Andover, MA

In August 2006 I was at the Ixtapan Spa In Mexico and met Melissa Zollo. We became friends immediately. I felt a real connection. One evening Melissa accompanied several women and myself into a festive town. Many people were celebrating, listening to music, eating, game playing and walking around. After shopping, we sat in the towns square and people watched. It was lovely. On the way back to the spa I discovered that I left my handbag along with my passport and money in it on a bench. The other women panicked. I knew Melissa's work, so I went up to her and said-- "please pray" (image its return). She closed her eyes, held my back and I felt at ease that the handbag was in safe hands. Within less than ten minutes the bag was found. Two wonderful Mexican women were sitting on a bench waiting for us to return. I believe that Melissa with her special visualization technique played a paramount role in the safe return of my handbag and most of all my peace of mind.

Joy Bishop
Retired International Consultant

My name is Janis Callaway and I am a very lucky guest at the Ixtapan Spa in Mexico. I have had a lot of sadness and tragedy in my life (especially in the last two years). A stressful family situation is still ongoing at home yet I left my sisters and brother to handle things while I try to regain my health. It was such a struggle for me to let go and take care of myself until I met Melissa Zollo. Without many words I felt she understood me. We soon left the breakfast table and went for a walk. Melissa has a special gift of deep inner knowing. She immediately helped me to understand how my own inner turmoil and feelings were adversely harming me. Then she got me to focus on health and life. Within an hour I felt happy, worthy, content, and willing to just ''be" in the present moment. My whole attitude about myself turned around. I changed my perception of who I am that morning, thanks to a generous, sweet, and helpful angel. I will never forget Melissa Zollo and what she taught me in a beautiful garden at the Ixtapan Spa in Mexico.

Janis Callaway
Retired Kindergarten teacher, Texas

Let Melissa help you to consciously use your imagination and the Healing Law of Imaging so you continue taking consistent steps toward your goal. The power is within you.

You have the power to recondition and reprogram your subconscious mind and cleanse yourself from within. I’ve helped others realize this and now it’s your turn. Today is the time to stop taking your frustration out on yourself. Learn how to use your inner resources, and begin to deal, feel, and heal. You came into this world armed with an infallible power. Are you ready to learn how to creatively use it on your own behalf? We are all seeking to discover how to choose and arrange our thoughts and feelings in such a way as to set a new train of causation into motion and produce harmonious experiences. This creates a new blueprint for our life, eliminating the old structures that didn’t work.

Melissa Zollo’s remarkable programs will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach!

Order “Secrets on the Law of Vibration” and “Discover the Power of Imagination & the Art of Intentional Creation” or schedule a private consultation with Melissa Zollo.

Together, we’ll work to achieve your goals!

Smash the barriers that have kept you isolated from those who are different. Grow beyond your self- imposed limits and you will travel anywhere in the world feeling safe, secure and welcomed!" ~ Melissa Zollo


Let the Healing Journey Begin!

Activate Your Imagination! Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!