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Media Appearances

2007 Appearances by Melissa Zollo

Selected radio appearances by Melissa in 2007 include:

  • BBS Radio/ "Street Smart Spirituality Hour" with host Dr. Pat Baccili
  • WDJZ 1530 AM / “Community Outreach” with host Milford Edwards
  • WTKF 107.3 FM/ “Positive Living” with host Patricia Raskins
  • Global Talk Radio/ “Feng Shui” with host Peter Reiss

2006 Appearances by Melissa Zollo

Selected radio appearances by Melissa in 2006 include:

In addition to the following, Melissa Zollo was a featured guest on Wealth 4 U in Spirit with host Carmen Day. Her monthly segment was "Think Yourself Rich with Melissa".

  • Voice America/ “Perspectives” with host Margie Sugarman
  • Voice America/ “Make Your Miracle Today” with host Dr. Joan Hangarter
  • Voice America/ "Beyond Success: Redefining the Meaning of Prosperity" with host Jeff Gitterman
  • Voice America/ "Positive Living" with host Patricia Raskins
  • Walking with Spirit/ "Walking with Spirit with host Monique Chapman
  • World Talk Radio/ "Wealth4U in Spirit" with host Carmen Day
  • WBIX 1060 AM Live on the "Frankie Boyer" show/ with host Frankie Boyer
  • Voice America/ "Settle For More" with hosts Dr. Tom Merrill and Bobbie Merrill
  • WCCM 1490 AM/ "The Morning Wake-Up Show" with hosts Bruce Arnold and Mark Lemay
  • SVCM/ "The People of Excellence" with host Michael Jones
  • Cyberstation USA/ "Planetary Spirit" with hosts Jeff Ferrannini and Madalyn Dakin

Selected TV appearances in 2006 by Melissa include:

  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 67/ "Uniquely You Now"
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 67/ "The Enchanted Self" with host Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Selected personal appearances and teleseminars in 2006 by Melissa include:

  • “IMAGE FIRST” Holistic Workshops in NYC
  • "Investing in a great asset…Yourself!!!" at a NY Metro Chapter Meeting for the Society Of Consumer Affairs Professionals
  • "What is your Relationship Blueprint?" at Yoga with Robin, Healing Arts Center Spirit Works of MA
  • "How to Create the Happiness Habit by Changing Old Patterns of Thinking" at the Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, CT
  • "I can Heal Myself and I Will" at Circles of Wisdom Bookstore in Andover, MA
  • “Blueprinting the Inner You!” before the Networking Meeting of the Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy in NYC
  • "How to Create the Happiness Habit by Tapping into the Infinite Source of Supply" at Melissa Zollo’s Dream Your Life into Being Spa Retreat, Mexico
  • "Blueprinting the Inner You for Health and Well Being" at The Fountain of Youth in Westport, CT
  • "I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food and I Will" at Circles of Wisdom Bookstore in Andover, MA
  • "I Can Be Successful and I Will” at Circles of Wisdom Bookstore in Andover, MA

Selected teleseminars in 2006 presented by Melissa include:

  • “I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food and I Will” Teleseminar

2005 Appearances by Melissa Zollo

Selected radio appearances by Melissa in 2005 include:

In addition to the following, Melissa Zollo was a featured guest on WPKN 89.5 FM Integrative Wellness with host Ameni Harris. Her monthly segment was "Focus Your Imagination with Melissa".

  • Mind Health Matters with host Dr Bernie Siegel
  • WBAI 99.5 FM/ Global Medicine Review with host Dr Kamau Kokayi
  • WNRL 1590 AM/ Dr. Edward Wagner Health Show, with host Dr. Wagner
  • WWRL 1600 AM/ Intergrative Healing, with hosts Dr. Katherine Golar and Manu Dawson
  • WBAI 99.5 FM/ Heart of Mind with host Kathy Davis
  • Voice America Live Internet radio/ Positive Living with host Patricia Raskins
  • World Talk Radio/ Spirit Connections/with hosts Donna Voll and Dudley Voll
  • World Talk Radio/ Full Power Living, with host Ilene Dillon
  • Voice America /Crust Busting Your Way to an Awesome Life with host Pat Baccili
  • Voice America /Wealth4u in Spirit with host Carmen Day
  • radio/ Journey's with Rebecca, with host Rebecca Jernigan
  • WNPV 1440 AM/ Alive and Well with hosts Anne Vogler, Megan Jones, Lee Sperling
  • Good News Broadcast with host Paul Sladkus
  • WDJZ 1530 AM/ Community Outreach with host Milford Edwards
  • WICC 1490 AM/ Hot Line with Ronnie Ford and Lou Blasi
  • WPKN 89.5 FM/The Ruth Eddy Show with Ruth Eddy
  • XM Satellite WOL 1450 AM Love and Money with Yolanda Gaskins
  • Voice America /Perspectives with Marge Sugarman
  • WICC 600 AM/Imagine with Nancy Hannah

TV appearances in 2005 by Melissa include:

  • The Happiness Show with Lionel Ketchian and George Ortega
  • Book Authority with Brian Jud
  • The Soul’s Perspective with Anne Du Bois
  • Get a Job with Claudia Fox and Frank Lapore

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Read Rave Reviews of Melissa's appearances.

"Melissa Zollo and I had a wonderful interview on my Mind Health Matters Radio Show. Ms Zollo clearly knows and communicates the Laws of Self-Healing. We concur on the patient's responsibility to take an active role in their own healing process."  

Bernie Siegel, MD 
Author of New York Times Best Selling Book Love, Medicine and Miracles

"Melissa Zollo is a great inspiration to anyone wanting to focus on new success blueprints to attract rewarding results. A powerful speaker, Zollo communicates how unlimited success starts in the imagination. Her Discover the Power of Imagination Audio Program is essential and invaluable. Entrepreneurs around the world will benefit from listening to Zollo in person or on her CD program."  

Sal Cumella MD 
Executive Producer for Award Winning "Women for Women" Radio Show 

"Melissa Zollo is a passionate and inspired speaker whose mastery of certain Universal Principles, available to all of us, allowed her to overcome her own adversity and serve as a beacon of light for others. Her understanding and sharing of herself is indicative of years of self-reflection. This clearly makes her an invaluable resource and master teacher. Her sharing of these truths is accessible and moving." 

Kamau Kokayi 
Medical Director, Olive Leaf Wholeness Center 
Host of Global Medicine Review Radio Show 
Manhattan, NY


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