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biopageimage.jpg Melissa Zollo: Internationally Celebrated Imagist, Author, Consultant, and Inspirational Speaker

Melissa Zollo is a renowned imagist, inspirational speaker, and consultant focused on the Power of Imagination, Consciousness, and the Art of Manifestation. She teaches people how to use the Universal Laws of Success, and how to face personal and professional challenges by designing successful blueprints and beliefs. Melissa explains how to take full and systematic control of inner resources; how to "image" to increase self-confidence and a sense of worth; and how to achieve success and the fulfillment of personal dreams.

Her clear voice, vision, and wisdom have helped people from all walks of life, including Finance, Health, Publishing, Entertainment, and the Arts.

She is an expert on the Imaginal Dynamic, the Power of Imagination, and How to Apply All the Universal Laws of Life. Melissa can identify your mental blueprint, and explain how your past memory and images are influencing your financial, personal and professional life now.  Melissa takes you beyond the limits of everyday thinking and shows you how to Image First. Melissa has earned the reputation as the "How To Lady" and she knows how to help you get the results you want using your imagination, thoughts and feelings!

Ms. Zollo is the creator of the seminar series "Your Invisible Power."  As a leading-edge thinker and clear voice in holistic consciousness, she conducts "Dream Your Life into Being" teleseminars about the Imaginal Dynamic. She focuses on the application of Spiritual Principles and the tools for success. She is also the author of several highly successful audio programs: "Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation," “How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money," and “Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration.” Her eBooks include 3 volumes of "Daily Appetizers for Making Life a Feast."

Melissa is fast becoming one of the most listened to authors on personal and professional success and self-empowerment. She has been a featured guest on "Integrative Wellness" WPKN 89.5 FM, as well as on Wealth 4 U in Spirit and is often heard on other nationally broadcast shows.

Melissa’s Mission:

My goal is to inspire you to achieve the seemingly impossible by learning how to IMAGE FIRST and bring the incredible force of your subconscious mind under your direction. The power to imagine a wonderful new outcome is always available to you; a power that lives in the Eternal Now and is forever forgiving. I show you how to activate your imagination, how to believe in yourself. I use all my energy and focus to help you change your life simply by changing your beliefs and emotional moods. With my experience and assistance, there are no limits to the happiness, peace of mind, wealth, success and joy you can achieve simply by using the Power of Imagination. My vision for you is one of brilliance and bliss – you CAN become a Wealth Builder, a Success Builder, a Happiness Builder!

Melissa’s Personal Journey

Perhaps you can relate to my own personal journey. As an adolescent, I surrendered to other people ’s beliefs about who I was instead of pursuing the beautiful dreams within me. Surrounded by harshness, my creative heart became crippled by lack of self confidence. The effects of childhood trauma, rejection, pain, loss, and abuse rooted themselves in my mind. These limiting painful memories created error patterns, fueled by angry and fearful emotions. As a result, I backed away from life and abandoned my dreams.

By the time I turned 21, I knew my past was driving my future as my old negative mental habits kept their strangling hold on my life. But I wanted change. I no longer wanted to be smothered by my inner conflicts or by people with no vision. I became determined to reclaim my life.

My desire for solutions encouraged me to summon the courage to take charge of my inner blueprints and my life. I discovered the Power of my Subconscious Mind, the Power of Suggestion, as well as the Universal Laws of Attraction, Polarity, and Vibration. I became aware that imagination creates reality. Soon I believed it was possible to rebuild myself from within. I realized that belief is the law of life and images. Feelings and thoughts are creators of results (be they desirable or undesirable). I learned that fear is a desertion of trust in the Healer within, and that most of us are suffering from amnesia of the soul.

These discoveries helped me transform my anxiety into confidence. I connected with the Innate Intelligence Within, released my concerns, and focused on the results I wanted to experience. This process taught me that nothing happens to us by chance, or some outside power. There is an art to personal fulfillment and an art to intentionally realizing our dreams. The process for restoring and healing your memory and unleashing the power of your deeper mind is not only possible, it is your spiritual birthright.

For 30 years, I focused on cracking the mystery behind miracles of healing—be they financial, personal, or related to health. It wasn’t easy but I became strengthened by these challenges. I learned that all of my dreams had the potential to be realized and that all things are possible to achieve, in spite of opposition and obstacles, if only I persisted to believe in myself and the Power Within. Patience, persistence, and perception showed me how to use a golden key hidden deep within my Imagination.

I learned you must have a strong blueprint and desire, be able to image success, and sustain a new belief in order to manifest a new result. The key to success is to know how to move beyond fears and negative mental habits, and live in a new state of awareness.

I now embrace my journey of awakening as I encourage others to feel their joy, awaken their potential, and connect to the Healer Within. I created my company Present Memory LLC, and audio programs because I wanted to share the knowledge of how to change their inner blueprint from a negative one to a positive one. My goal is to help others pursue their dreams with passion, purpose, and inner conviction to succeed.

Never close a door on a dream-- your dreams are calling you!

Melissa Zollo

“Because we are all dreamers, we can remake our lives. I can help you to understand how past memories and negative blueprints – buried deep in your subconscious mind – are locked into replicating themselves. Let me help you discover the keys to retrain your imagination to design a new and wonderful health, wealth, relationship and success blueprint! Call me and together through personal one-on-one consultation over the phone, we’ll get you started on your own healing path today!” – Melissa Zollo


Let the Healing Journey Begin!

Activate Your Imagination! Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!