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What Does Melissa Zollo Do?

Melissa Zollo is an imagist. She knows that Universal Spiritual Principles govern our lives and that thought creates results. She teaches that the consciousness of the Life Force is present in every place, space, person, condition, or form. It organizes and governs the entire universe, including our physical world, according to certain rules of energy. Energy is always present and as Einstein said "energy can not be created or destroyed", but it can be changed. When related to you, this means that success lies on the far side of failure. Think of it, every cell in your body has the consciousness of the Infinite within it. Therefore, even the impossible becomes possible, once you know how to apply Spiritual Principles to a financial, professional, personal, health, or spiritual goal.

Melissa inspires people to learn the Laws of Attraction and teaches that all forms of energy - physical, mental and spiritual - are always in a constant state of vibration. A person's vibration is determined by the existing mental and emotional state of consciousness. Thoughts create feelings, which in turn create vibrations, and ultimately results. These vibrations either attract or repel. What people attract is determined by the ideas and emotions that they resonate with (success/failure, wealth/poverty, health/disease,) etc. There is no such thing as chance or coincidence. Anything that comes into a person's life is drawn to them because some aspect of the person's mental energy is in harmony with it.

Ms Zollo helps people discover new ways to problem solve. Her publications (CD's, books, newsletter) explain how to get what you deeply desire so that people everywhere can start to attract rewards back into their lives.

Financial and health issues are no different from any other issue. She explains that living life without a success image is like building a house without a blueprint. Once you know how to image you will move from a competitive field to a creative playing field. Ms. Zollo helps people identify the state of consciousness that they are identified with or stuck in and inspires them to rebuild from within. She shows them how to provide the subconscious mind with a new blueprint for success, wealth, and health. She helps people make positive changes in their inner state of consciousness and emotional point of attraction. She teaches the Healing Law of Imaging, the Law of Identical Harvest and the principle that Imagination creates reality. Remember: "Like seeks like" and "You become what you believe and feel to be true."

What makes Melissa Zollo unique is that she enhances what is already known about Spiritual Principles and provides tools for changing a subconscious blueprint while tapping into the Healer Within. This enables an individual to move forward and emerge successfully from any crisis.

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