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We are often asked
"What makes Present Memory's audio programs so different from others?"

Well, read on and we will tell you.

Ms. Zollo and the Present Memory Audio Programs give people an in-depth understanding of Spiritual Principles (the Laws of Attraction), and the tools to dig deeply and come up with a new roadmap for the rest of their lives.

The Present Memory Audio Programs teach people the Healing Law of Imaging and give specific examples of how to use and apply Spiritual Principles to the challenges and problems of life.

Concepts Which Differentiate Melissa Zollo and the Present Memory Audio Programs from other Methods and New Age Philosophy.

Ms. Zollo does not teach meditation although she considers it a valid and beneficial practice. She teaches success by design. Imagination creates reality. What you are conscious of, you are. Your awareness - the sum total of your inner blueprints or images, thoughts and feelings - sows the seeds for the kind of life experiences you will attract to yourself. If you want to harness a life of abundance, love, and joyful success, then you must align your inner patterns, feelings, and actions to match the design. Then you must learn HOW TO release the Power Within so it can propel you in the direction of that design fulfilled. She explains the workings of The Law of Identical Harvest: "As within so without", (What you sow you reap); The Law of Consciousness: "There is a Living Spirit that is everywhere present. Your world is your consciousness ojectified"; The Law of Vibration: Everything is energy and in a constant state of vibration (motion). What you image, think, and believe determines your vibrational frequency (how you feel). The Law of Attraction: 'Like Attracts Like" and much, much more.

The power of one's mind and thoughts is a person's ally. Most people focus on the past and problems. Ms. Zollo shows you how to move into the present moment and the solution without becoming dependent on any intermediary. People are required to participate more directly in their own healing. These are "do it yourself" programs.

Affirmations are different from harnessing one's thoughts to realize a desire through feeling. Ms. Zollo's program teaches the power of conscious imaging and how it differs from affirmations or positive thinking. If people do not change their everyday consciousness, then all their affirmations/positive thoughts will not stick, and healing and change will likely not occur.

In language the layperson can understand, Ms. Zollo lays out the principles regarding concepts of mind and the infinite states into which one can move.

Ms. Zollo's programs create a major breakthrough in the nature of human consciousness and the art of manifestation. The formula is: One's image + belief + feeling = change. The Present Memory Audio Programs teach you how to build new beliefs.

If one captures the feeling of the dream fulfilled, then it is irrelevant how the desire was fulfilled. Ms. Zollo teaches, "Get off the ways and means committee." Past painful experiences are seeds that root themselves in the mind as memory. Memories affect behavior. Childhood hurts - along with feelings of fear, anger, and sorrow - may be repressed deep within one's subconscious mind. These past memories remain our point of attraction unless and until one understands that a change in consciousness is imperative. Zollo provides the formula to create a new memory bank and to transform your inner conversations. Ms. Zollo explains the art of self-persuasion. She shows you how to free yourself from enslavement to negative subconscious programming, in the privacy of your home.

Ms. Zollo's audio programs explain states of consciousness. They teach you how to view your world from a spiritual perspective. Learn to balance your subconscious energy, and you will master negative emotions and neutralize detrimental habits. Do this, and all things become possible as you demonstrate the Power of the Mental over the Physical using Spiritual Laws.

The Present Memory Audio Programs teach that Imagination is Power and Life is Consciousness. Her work shows you how to move into a present memory of wholeness. She opens the door to the INNER YOU and the Power of your I AM Consciousness.

Many people teach how to get closer to God, how to know God. Ms Zollo teaches that you are already One with the Source of All That Is. The key to success is to know HOW TO access and release the power that heals, without an intermediary. Ms. Zollo has put the secret ingredient for success into the Present Memory programs.

All of the Present Memory work is rooted in Spiritual Law. Melissa Zollo's work is about creating the right relationship with your deeper self - the Power that resides within each of us. Therefore a person's belief in any particular religion is irrelevant to harnessing the Power Within.

Many people understand Spiritual Principles, but they do not have tools to develop their thinking skills and apply these Spiritual Principles in daily life. They do not know how to detach from an unwanted belief or painful memory, nor do they know how to create a new memory or build a new belief. Many are taught that it is possible to make the impossible possible - i.e. they are aware of principles - but few know how to reach solutions in the face of adversity. The Present Memory audio programs give the method to each of us for contacting the "teacher within" and for drawing out into manifestation that which we desire.

The Present Memory Audio Programs are 24-hour-a-day self-care and self-counseling mind tools to assist people to "be, think, have, and transform themselves" according to Universal Law.

It is our dream that the Present Memory Audio Programs will serve generations to come with a vision for restoring one's memory of being connected to the Healing Power of Life, as well as creating true self-healing and so called "miracles" on earth.

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