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Read the many Success Stories and Rave Reviews Melissa Zollo has received. All of these people, with Melissa's help, programs, and expertise, have changed the way they see and think about themselves. We hope their success stories will inspire you.

Weight Management

"I was recently introduced to Melissa Zollo by one of my client's. I will never forget that moment. I also participated in Zollo's telseminar I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food . That is when Melissa explained in plain English how our mind and our emotions affect our physiological make up. Her insight and passion, to help people heal themselves with their own energy, is a gift. Melissa has my stamp of approval. She is a life-leader, and exudes a presence that is everlasting. Listen to her and you will be able to leap into life at jet speed Oh what a feeling!"

Joe Kasper, CEO Fire Your Diet, Inc
America's #1 Health Coach President

"In her seminar on people's emotional relationship to food, diet, and weight loss, Melissa Zollo gets to the heart of the matter as to why the vast majority of diets fail. Drawing upon her own family experience in running a restaurant, she reveals how unconscious "blueprints" can sabotage our conscious efforts at weight loss and healthy eating. Melissa shows us how we can create a new blueprint to succeed in our relationship to food and life. As always, she brings humor and spiritual wisdom to her presentation.
Dr.Robert Gensler
Director of Chestnut Hill Chiropractic and Rehabilitation
Chestnut Hill, MA

"It doesn't matter if you do Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, LA Weight Loss or Atkins. Melissa Zollo shows you how to feast on new ideas and move beyond feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, and hopelessness. Ms Zollo has what we are all looking for, the key to self-acceptance and well being."
Dr. Le M Doan, Ph.D
Business Network Int'l (BNI)
Lowell, MA

"Before taking Melissa's teleseminar I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food, I never considered that I could change my own blueprint. Her seminars and Discover the Power of Imagination audio program have enabled me to set goals, manifest healing, and achieve success. I have lost 35 lbs. Melissa has helped me to realize the importance of mental imagery to balance mind, body and spirit."
Kari Roads
Marblehead, MA

"I would like to thank you so very much for what you did for me October 13, 2006. It was truly a miracle and is my sobriety date for Bulimia. I have suffered with the eating disorder for 24 years. I tried everything, including going to a therapist and nutritionist. I could never just eat one cookie and be happy, and now I can. I am free from my food obsession. I feel as though you and I together did a profound healing to my soul. The compulsion left me. I no longer obsess about food the way I did. I use your CDs everyday."
Lowell, MA

"Melissa's wonderful teleseminar I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food helped me reinforce my blueprint to keep losing weight. As a participant of the LA Weight Loss program, I highly recommend anyone who is seriously committed to weight reduction, use Melissa's Discover the Power of Imagination audio program, attend a seminar, or participate in a teleseminar. She gives you the key to success and the tools to turn the key and achieve your goals! "
Dena Amtram
Retired Teacher
North Bergen, NJ

"Melissa Zollo inspires the most pessimistic dieter to look at themselves, turn within to their imagination, and take action from the inside out. She offers generous helpings of truth principles and the tools to achieve our goals. Melissa helps us move beyond fear and failure to making a commitment to our dreams for a healthier, happier life."
Susanne Cope
A Market Health Food Store Associate
Manchester, NH

"In her powerful teleseminar on I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food, Melissa Zollo profoundly articulated that the healing of our emotions and past memories, as well as the application of spiritual principles, are key to weight reduction. She emphasized that we always have a choice. There isn't anything out there that explains the Power of Imagination, or breaks down how to use the Law of Attraction, the way Melissa Zollo does! Her audio program, Discover the Power of Imagination CD, is a powerful tool for working with memory or feelings that come up.
Betsey Beaven
Co-author 4 Vegetarian Cookbooks
Professional Chef
Andover, MA

"I attended a great seminar with Melissa Zollo on I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food and I Will. Her seminar on healing the emotions showed me how to protect my heart and why this is the best path to permanent weight reduction. Melissa Zollo has the missing piece to the entire weight loss problem!"
Patricia Deloge
Owner of Advantage Auto School, (BNI)
Dracut, MA

" Melissa Zollo's exciting teleseminar, I Can And I Will Heal MY Emotional Relationship to Food, really hit home for me! I have been dealing with food issues and weight gain all my life. Now, when certain emotions come up related to food, I change them for a more positive result. Due to Melissa's groundbreaking work of connecting the use of spiritual laws to emotional eating and healing, I am more focused, and able to successfully apply her Discover the Power of Imagination CD's."
Helen Hoenig
Massage Therapist LMMT
Fort Madison, Iowa

" I changed my eating habits with food immediately after taking Melissa Zollo's dynamic teleseminar -- I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food. The whole concept of imaging and the role my feelings play became much clearer to me. Melissa laid out the principles so well that I have a much better understanding of how to apply these laws when using her Discover the Power of Imagination audio program."
Edna Peters
Insurance Agent
Wilmington, MA

"Melissa Zollo's I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food made me aware that it's not what you are eating but what's eating you that is the cause of weight gain. The seminar had everything you could want from food recipes, relaxation, laughter techniques, and best of all, the mind focusing Present Memory CD's tools to apply everything I learned. It was an outstanding seminar!"
Jessica Marroco
Marketing Manager
Safety Inc. / ETA Associates
Peabody, MA

"Melissa Zollo gave a Five Star top notch teleseminar! I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food inspired me to begin to self-manage myself from the inside out. She gives us the key to build self-confidence. I am now beginning to eat for fuel and not from habit. Bravo Melissa!"

Jane Calledare
Tewksbury, MA

"Melissa Zollo's seminar on I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food shows us that the decision to consistently make choices on behalf of our health and well being is a joyful and rewarding experience. Let Melissa Zollo inspire you to begin to turn your life around from the inside out."
Susan Taft
Specialized Homecare Coordinator
Hampstead, NH

"Melissa Zollo's compassionate seminar on healing your emotional relationship to food turns the diet-fighting industry on its head. Melissa gives us the key to success: self-management. Turning it requires that we each turn within for feelings of joy as we break old food habits. Ms Zollo lays out an exact plan to succeed and gives everyone the audio tools to follow through."
Karen Burns
Licensed Massage Therapist
Haverhill, MA

"Melissa Zollo's teleseminar, I Can and I Will Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food shifted my thinking about food. Now I stop and ask myself 'what hunger really means.' Also, I am utilizing her Power of Imagination CD program to develop and maintain my new pattern of thinking and imagining. Gone are the feelings of powerlessness and helplessness, shame and embarrassment."
Susan Rosengrant
Retired Educator
Bethel, CT

"Melissa Zollo's seminar on I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship To Food shows us never to confuse our food binges and cravings with our real need for self acceptance, love, and spiritual nourishment for the mind-spirit and body. "

Ann Cobleigh
Andover, MA

"Melissa Zollo's I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship To Food was excellent. Ms Zollo has a unique gift. She engenders deep trust by all the participants. Melissa approaches weight from reduction not loss, from feeling not food. She offers the best in body, mind, and spirit tools when it comes from healing from the inside out."

Debbie Silke
Health and Wellness Consultant
Independent Mona Vie Distributor

Lawrence, MA

"I attended Melissa Zollo's workshop on Emotional Eating in Andover, MA. While I have my small battles with food at times, I was amazed to hear how so many people truly struggle. Melissa was able to clearly articulate how to find the real cause of emotional eating. I have attended her workshops in the past and use Melissa's "Discover the Power of Imagination" CD program, It is always so helpful to hear her message again. I leave the seminars re-inspired to create new blue prints for my life and I always learn something new."

Eileen Webster
Certified Holistic Health Counselor
Boxford, MA

"Melissa Zollo's "I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food and I Will" seminar was truly extraordinary. Melissa helped me understand how my childhood feelings were keeping me back. I was able to shift in a new direction in my life by understanding how to implement the ideas she articulates and I'm using her audio program everyday as the tool to do it!!"
Kari Roads
Marblehead, MA

"I loved Melissa Zollo's "I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food, and I Will" seminar. She made me realize that food is not the enemy and I came away appreciating and loving myself on a much deeper level than ever before. Melissa showed me I am not what I eat I am much more."
Pat Dumont
Yoga For Health
Yoga Instructor
North Andover, MA.

"I attended Melissa Zollo's workshop on Healing One's Emotional Relationship with Food. Thank you for really understanding how it feels to restrict food intake and for helping me breakthrough blocks which I could not do on my own. Furthermore, as a psychotherapist with an MSW, I now feel I can be more helpful with some of my clients who also deal with issues regarding food."
M. V. Guilfoyle

I was completely recharged after attending Melissa Zollo's I Can Heal My Emotional Relationship to Food seminar . It reinforced my desire to stay focused and examine myself on deeper levels. Melissa offers the perfect solution to those who want to be mentally strong and physically fit-- seminars, telseminars, and excellent CD programs.

Jim Stonier
Software Engineer
Andover, MA

Life has been amazing for me. I am constantly working on my blue prints for life. I've lost over 50 pounds in the last 3 years. I will be teaching and performing in Canada this summer at a Young Artists Program. I've been to Italy twice. And I have been growing a new Prosperity consciousness. The world is a very different place for me than it was when we met at the New Age Spa and your philosophy is at
the heart of this change.
It takes commitment and courage but it is so worth every minute of imaging.
Paula Liscio

Ms. Liscio is a professional singer who has performed for over 30 years as a soloist, cabaret singer and chorister with such companies as New York City Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Avery Fisher Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall. She currently maintains a private voice studio in NYC along with her performance commitments.


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