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Read the many Success Stories and Rave Reviews Melissa Zollo has received. All of these people, with Melissa's help, programs, and expertise, have changed the way they see and think about themselves. We hope their success stories will inspire you.

In Finance

After taking Melissa Zollo's teleseminar and after using her "Discover the Power of Imagination" audio program for a few weeks I brought a major account into my bank which resulted in taking the baseline deposit of the bank from 11 million dollars to 26 million dollars. I manifested so quickly it was like a miracle! I use the program everyday, love it, and recommend people buy and use it."

Barbara Convertito
Westport, CT

"Investing in Melissa Zollo's CD's was the best thing I ever did for myself. They are worth a million dollars! I was able to wipe out $40,000 worth of debt in a few short months, by increasing my sales performance at work. As a result of using them everyday, I went from rags to riches and my dream to become the # 1 sales rep in the country for my company has come true! Every business executive and BNI professional should be using these invaluable CD's if they want to achieve all their financial goals and never worry about money again!"

Patty Jacques
Business Network Int'l (BNI)
Account Executive
Electronic Merchant Systems
Lowell, MA

"Hi Melissa, I wanted to say thank you for the powerful ideas you shared last week on the Joy Talk radio show! I listened in and came away with your suggestion of seeing my money channels opening up. I'd had a situation for several months where money was being 'held up' for me. Well great news! I received a call today from a government office letting me know that the money is coming through by Friday of this week! Thanks so much for helping me live with the vision of seeing my money channels opening! It really works! "
Lorna Blake, Assertiveness Training Coach
Motivational Whisperer Expert

After decades of study I have finally discovered Melissa Zollo. Her wise and loving counsel and invaluable audio programs have created sudden and remarkable results in my life. Just as having a personal trainer gives a framework and impetus to an exercise program, Present Memory CD's have inspired me to a regular three-times-a-day practice of imaging success. Less than 24 hours after starting to use Melissa's "Discover The Power of Imagination" money began to appear from all directions in various forms. For the first time in years I am free and clear of debt with a surplus in the bank. Melissa has the tools and the essential "how-to".

In Love and Light,
Shira Nahari
Licensed Israeli Tour Guide and Transformational Counselor

" I am a member of Unity Church and I was out of work for some time. I have been studying spiritual principles for a long time but Melissa Zollo's "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money" CD helped me focus and gave me the tools to actualize my dreams. By using this audio tool I was able to attract a new job and money making opportunities with great success! It works! Melissa gives you the practical tools to succeed but It is up to you to use them"

Linda Lee Rowell
Member of Unity Church
Norwalk, CT

"In the very short time I have been listening and using Melissa Zollo's audio program "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money", I have definitely noticed a significant increase in prosperity and more of a cash flow. It is totally amazing! An unexpected blessing was that I was able to pay off a major credit card debt I had acquired after I placed an image in to do so. Listening to the Present Memory money CD program made me realize my own power to attract money and what is particularly great is... I know I deserve it! Many artists believe in the need to struggle to work but Melissa Zollo has taught me what I already know on a deeper level... my financial dreams are already realized. I anticipate even greater prosperity. I highly recommend any artist who wants to significantly change their lives and attract money... to us this program."

Carla Mason Ness
Performing Artist
Ridgefield, CT

"I truly believe after listening to Melissa Zollo's program "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money" for just a short time that she helped me look at my core beliefs about myself and my finances. I understood that I could let go of certain self-destructive beliefs and move toward change. As a result I recently moved out of a long standing living situation which was not healthy for me. Melissa drives home the message that I am the sole chooser of my beliefs. She inspired and gave me the impetus to change. I am very grateful and feel an inner peace I haven't felt before."

Amy Mulock
FedEx Courier
Norwalk, CT

"As a woman of color and originally from the Island of Haiti... I have found Melissa Zollo's message to be very dynamic, inspirational and potent. It must be listened to and then applied by using her audio programs. I attended her seminar on The Power of Suggestion in Healing. I feel Melissa is doing a fantastic job... better then anyone else in presenting to us the most important spiritual information that helps people come home to themselves. She gives the key to success to anyone who takes it and shows you how to unlock the door of poverty and talk with God. She created a set of CD's that are tools for each of us to use so we can build our own nest. Many people have been fed lies from society, religion, and even their families. They believe these lies. Melissa and the Present Memory audio programs make people aware of themselves. Do you want a way to get out of these traps? I highly recommend her "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money" CD to anyone who wants to live a richer, fuller life. Free yourself from enslavement to poverty and abuse. Use it and you will know the truth for yourself."

Maude Joseph

Bridgeport, CT

Dear Ms. Zollo

For the last 20 years I have been the founder and director of several programs; 1) program that provided services to women in prison, their children and extended family member' 2) After School Program;3) Community meals for people with Aids. Wherever I saw a need I did not complain I went in and tried to change the situation. I wore many hats. I was the director, social worker and only fund raiser. Raising between 100,00 to 180,000. Most of the money went into services. I never made over $30,000. Had no health insurance or any of those things. Often times I had to take free lance work to pay for my daughter's private school tuition and then 12 years of college. She is now a practicing Vet and surgeon having graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

My life changed when after leaving a store I fell and injured my back. In pain and unable to sit to write proposals, I lost all of my funding and closed up shop. I waited over two years for my disability, during this time my daughter took care of me, pampered me and showered me with love and support. As agonizing as the situation was, I believe that it prepared me for the work I am about to do, and gave me the opportunity to rest my mind, body and spirit. This is where I was when I attended your class- "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money". Although a student of prosperity thinking and study something did not click until your class. I can't explain it. But your confidence was astonishing. You weren't trying to push anything. I could feel your commitment to this work.

It clicked and I went with it. Two things happened: I found 4 insurance policies that my mother left me. Cashed them in. In the process I ran across a pension plan that I'd belonged to before starting my organization. I'd worked 9 years as a Family Law Worker in the Brooklyn Family Court. Investigating the policy I discovered it was fraudulent and the city is looking into it. All in all I am fine. I am 57 and looking forward to active life. I am planning a retreat for aging political activists. I have joined the Gray Panthers and I am on the move. I am using your money audio program and the notes I took in your class to inform and inspire me. I can do it! That is what I learned. Prosperity is not just money. It's about living a rich life. It's about having friends. It's about being blessed.
I was awakened by the message you sent. I respect your work. It's tremendous. Thank you.

Mae Jackson
Political Activist

"I not only imaged a teaching position that I at one time never thought I could get but I imaged a salary that my colleagues in the teaching profession told me I would never get. They all said... "They will never pay you that much!" But by using the How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money CD program from Present Memory... I not only got my dream job but I also got the dream salary! I highly recommend this works!

Donna Dominick
CT Teacher
Newtown, CT

I had the opportunity to take your course "How to Attract Money: Access Your Inner Power" that you presented at The Learning Annex. I was hesitant to wake up on Saturday morning to drag out to another Learning Annex class (I work there 8 hours a day) but "something" just kept telling me to go. Well, I used the techniques you outlined in the course and I must say that I have been getting outstanding results. It is as if all I have to do is rub the genie lamp and believe that my wish has already come true and in some "strange" way, it manifests itself (with a BIG helping hand from the invisible Force). I manifested a raise for myself an outstanding experience at my job. Now when my mind plays the old "You can't, you won't" game with me I know that I am more powerful than those little voices. It is great to know that people like you still have those little voices but have learned how to effectively "manage" the voice and still achieve outstanding things in life. I gained invaluable information at your course. It seems weird from the human point of view that we have these type of powers. However, as you said, we are spirits in human flesh instead of humans with spirits. I am in accord with you 100 percent. The changes that have taken place are astounding. It seems to be that I am attracting great fortune left and right. Even when misfortune comes, it comes in a way to turn into fortune (kind of like seeing a setback as a setup for a comeback). I felt that I needed to share with you how powerful you came across to me and others in the class. You also opened my eyes up to show me how powerful I really am when I take my requests from the physical, limited arena to the abundantly spiritual arena. You have really touched my life and I just wanted to let you know that. I thank you Melissa and I affirm an abundance of strength and perfect health for you so you can continue to take your message out into the world.

Afron Raymond
The Learning Annex -- NY, NY

Good morning Ms. Zollo:

I have a new birth day Saturday, February 8, 2003 at approximately 1:00 pm (smile)!! I so wanted to attend this seminar "How to unleash the Power Within & Attract Money-Riches". I was hoping and praying that your topic would address the "within" rather than the "without." As a matter of fact, I spoke with one of my sisters and we both wondered why I was still seeking my nuggets of gold from those who claim to have found theirs - we all agree that doesn't make sense. But then I can't find my gold. So, my hopes were very high coupled with worry of another let down. When I returned to Room 110 I saw a beacon of light. Funny thing, you were set back in the dark. But, madame, you shone so brightly and you were so good looking (I don't mean that in a Cover Girl way) but literally - healthy, wealthy and wise. I have never seen anyone or experienced anything like seeing you. You looked exactly the way I want to look-not physically- no, I am a heavyset black woman. But I want to be perceived as a healthy, wealthy and a powerful woman. I was so moved. You confirmed something I knew. I have spent a lifetime trying to fit in (a round peg in a square hole). You forced me to literally stretch myself - like a rubber band. I am tempted to repeat the "old wine in a new container" or is it "new wine in an old vessel" saying. I have expanded. . During the lecture, Something told me to listen to your voice and not to write when you were speaking. So I didn't take any notes. I was awakened Sunday morning with a jolt. Something wakened me with the command "IT CAME." I somehow have shifted into some other spectrum almost as if someone gave me a huge push over a cliff. God bless and thank you very much.

Three weeks later:

Good Morning Ms. Zollo

First of all thank you for the Present Memory audio program. I wanted to let you know the blessings are flowing! I received a $500.00 bonus on my job. God bless you.

Y. Johnson

"The Discover the Power of Imagination audio program challenged my very understanding of the Universe. It has made all the difference in the world to me. These CD's are not just some feel good program. The program is intelligent, straight forward and user friendly. I was a serious doubter in my innate ability to image solutions to my problems. The scientist in me said it could not be true. But every time I tried to prove the success tips did not work, THEY DID! Over and over the principles proved me wrong and my life changed for the better every time I used them. If you want to overcome your roadblocks to success, and resolve your financial fears and doubts, the Discover the Power of Imagination audio program is for you. Learn to dream big and grow rich! Learn that satisfying work is just as easy to attract as miserable jobs and pay. Learn how to change your poverty habits into a gold mine! Learn to tap into the power within. I did! I recommend the program to everyone who dreams of wealth, financial success, happiness, and achieving their goals!"

Raynard Zollo CPA, MBA
Associate Professor of Accounting
Tobin School of Business
St. Johnís University

It is my great pleasure in expressing my gratitude for the work you have done with me. It is truly a life changing experience! A feeling of confidence, a feeling of understanding and a feeling of peace has come over me. As a professional musician confidence is of the utmost. Offers are coming in! I'm being called constantly to perform and "bagfuls of money are pouring in".
I realize that as important as money is to me, the biggest change is in my Spiritual self. I feel completely grounded in who I AM. To be able to focus intently on who I AM brings about all things for my life and my work. My fingers now fly across the piano keys with an assuredness that I've never before experienced. New and better harmonies come forth on their own. I focus on the music that comes through me to be a blessing to others, and to be open to new musical experience as the creative opportunities keep coming! I am so grateful to you, Melissa, for your assistance and for the work you are doing. The Present Memory Power of Imagination audio program is the best!

Ernestine Heard
Professional Pianist/ Concept Therapy Beamer
Chattanooga, Tennessee

"I had to write to you and tell you what has happened! I have been putting in an image for WEALTH. I have followed the steps as the Wealth Program suggests. I have been working it for several months now. Since first receiving my transcript, I've been carrying it with me everyday. I go to sleep imaging I am abundantly wealthy and/or someone very close to me will be. I imaged the joy and peace of mind I would have regarding finances. I put myself in the present and said to myself THE MONEY CAME. I had a dream that the money came. I also felt better mentally and emotionally. I stayed faithful to the outcome and continually told myself that THE MONEY CAME and that I am abundantly wealth. And Guess What? THE MONEY CAME. Wow, did the money come. 3 million dollars. Yes, three million dollars has come into my family. How incredibly joyful I am. I have been imaging this very moment and I realized it. I feel so blessed. As Melissa said: "A things are possible if you believe and you live from your present memory". You have my permission to use this as a testimonial. This was a genuine life altering experience. Thank you."

Yours respectfully,
Jane Reid
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"My money image came in BIG TIME! I did the best financial deal I've ever done. I am completely out of debt (including my car payment) - 1 mortgage @ 6 3/ in the bank. I have a part-time job now that gives me some spending money and I feel the best I've felt in years. Thank God, me and Present Memory!"

Betty Melan
Actress, LA California

"I have been made aware in a major way (once again) how powerful images are. My money images have been in for a long time and I catch glimpses of hope now and then, but money has been coming to me "easily and unexpectedly" in recent weeks that has been truly awesome. It's testament to, not only my belief in Spiritual Law and my persistence in 'keeping the faith' even in the face of no immediate evidence that anything makes any sense at all, as well as the brilliance of Melissa Zollo's Discover the Power of Imagination audio program. It inspired me never to give up.I wanted you to know that."

Melanie Nobley

3 years ago, I decided to leave my 9 to 5 job and star my own display company. Within the last 2 years of using Present Memory's program, I have tripled my income as I continue to expand my ideas and my company. The audio program from Present Memory engages me in an ever changing creative experience that I look forward to every morning and every night.

Tom D
President - 3 D Ilustrations
New Jersey

It works! The money came!

Rich Pimes
Advertising Agency
Miami Florida

"The Program Memory program "How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money" CD is fabulous! I feel like this program is the answer to my prayers.

Fondly, Andrea Rudolph
Artist, former social worker
Trumbull, CT


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