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In August 2006 I was at the Ixtapan Spa In Mexico and met Melissa Zollo. We became friends immediately. I felt a real connection. One evening Melissa accompanied several women and myself into a festive town. Many people were celebrating, listening to music, eating, game playing and walking around. After shopping, we sat in the towns square and people watched. It was lovely. On the way back to the spa I discovered that I left my handbag along with my passport and money in it on a bench. The other women panicked. I knew Melissa's work, so I went up to her and said-- "please pray" (image its return). She closed her eyes, held my back and I felt at ease that the handbag was in safe hands. Within less than ten minutes the bag was found. Two wonderful Mexican women were sitting on a bench waiting for us to return. I believe that Melissa with her special visualization technique played a paramount role in the safe return of my handbag and most of all my peace of mind

Joy Bishop
Retired International Consultant

My name is Janis Callaway and I am a very lucky guest at the Ixtapan Spa in Mexico. I have had a lot of sadness and tragedy in my life (especially in the last two years). A stressful family situation is still ongoing at home yet I left my sisters and brother to handle things while I try to regain my health. It was such a struggle for me to let go and take care of myself until I met Melissa Zollo. Without many words I felt she understood me. We soon left the breakfast table and went for a walk. Melissa has a special gift of deep inner knowing. She immediately helped me to understand how my own inner turmoil and feelings were adversely harming me. Then she got me to focus on health and life. Within an hour I felt happy, worthy, content, and willing to just ''be" in the present moment. My whole attitude about myself turned around. I changed my perception of who I am that morning, thanks to a generous, sweet, and helpful angel. I will never forget Melissa Zollo and what she taught me in a beautiful garden at the Ixtapan Spa in Mexico.

Janis Callaway
Retired Kindergarten teacher, Texas
August, 2006


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