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Imagine It ! Feel It! Live The Dream!

In her classic work Discover The Power Of Imagination, Melissa Zollo gives you the tools you need to help you think in new directions, and release your full potential. The fulfillment of dreams is not the right of a select few. It is your birthright, too. Once you have this program, you will discoverhow to make that right a reality.

  • Learn about all of the Universal Laws of Success.
  • How to tap into & harness the power of your imagination.
  • Why your personal habits may be holding you back
  • Ways to re-focus your attention on your goals.

Program 1: Lecture


With this amazing program, Ms. Zollo gives you an in depth understanding of the creative process and how to IMAGE FIRST, the first step to attract all that you desire (and less of what you don’t want). She explains states of consciousness; the twelve keys to successful imaging; how to permanently change your negative messages into uplifting thought patterns. She instructs you on how to shift from a place of fear to a place of confidence, trust and love. You will learn to believe in yourself!

Program 2: Lecture


Program two is filled with examples of imaging; how to anchor an image and how imagination animates beliefs. It holds the secret to how financial, personal, professional and emotional security can be realized in a practical, imaginative, and non-competitive manner. Here, Ms. Zollo lays out the process by which you will improve your financial, personal, and professional life.

By applying the principles outlined, and living in accordance with the Universal Laws of Success, you will attract to yourself the things you desire; how to bring the power of your word into action; how to increase your confidence; how to tap into the treasure house of infinity and claim or ask, knowing that you have already received!

Program #3: SUNRISE Change your Mental Images and Blueprints; Change Your Life!


START SMART with SUNRISE!  At the beginning of every day -- IMAGE FIRST. Activate Your Imagination and watch your self-esteem, happiness and gratefulness soar to new heights. Change the lens through which you see yourself. Shift your focus from problems to solutions. Create successful money, health, career, and relationship blueprints and emotionalize them. Open your own doors to whatever you may want to be, do, or have. Use it every day until you understand that the conditions of your life reflect your habitual thinking and that all things come from the subconscious. Timeless wisdom for directing the Power Within and feeling good fast!

Program #4: Aloha


Treat your body and mind to deep relaxation. Experience the Power of Breath for healing, and vitality. Develop the habit of self-care, and maintain control over the stress in your life. Reach for Aloha when you need to retreat from the outer world and stress of the day.

Program #5: Sweet Dreams


This program is perfect to use before, during, and or after surgery.  Unburden your mind as you glide peacefully into sleep. Perfect for those challenged with a health crisis.

Program #6: Serenity and Victory Focus


Renew, revitalize and refocus your mind in just 15 minutes.

Program #7: CD-Rom


This CD-Rom provides you with the option of printing out, or viewing, the entire transcript of the Power of Imagination program (Discs 1 and 2) on your computer. It also includes an instructional guide.

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