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The Healing Power of Imagination:

Image First! Open the Gateway to the Fulfillment of Dreams

By Melissa Zollo

Can you claim with complete certainty that within you is a powerful healing presence? Do you speak the words “I am healed in every way” every morning with inner conviction, remaining calm in the face of appearances and adversity, expecting new and wondrous results? Or do you mutter affirmations and then proceed to neutralize every positive idea you spoke once you read the morning paper, listen to the TV or have coffee with a friend trapped by gossip or greed?

Tortured by Content

One of the things that tortures most people, (no matter what they possess or how important they think they are), is the contents of their own mind. Torturous memories, images and feelings invade their mind from the time they start their day until they take a pill to fall asleep at night. Asteady stream of endless fears and doubts dominate their focus, conversations and actions.  They do their best to avoid their fears but avoidance will not neutralize an error pattern or habit.

All Causation is Imaginal (mental)

  1. TheImaginal Dynamic explains how we can rise in consciousness into the ethericworld, create a mental blueprint, step into the world of thought and rebuild our beliefs and emotionalize ideas until we create a force field of energy around us that radiates out from us and attracts back to us people, things, and situations in harmony in the physical world.

  2. The Imaginal Dynamic, Power of Imagination and the creative/imaging process is very misunderstood by most people. I feel once understood it addresses the underlying problem behind manifestation and points out the truth of life that can help us solve our problems, overcome challenges, and fulfill our dreams.
  3. The Imaginal Dynamic helps us realize that there is only One Power, One Life-Principle, One Imagination and we are that Oneness. Call it the Living Spirit, God, Divine Imagination, or Consciousness, we could not change, move, shift or realign ourselves without the Consciousness of Infinite Intelligence within us.

Spirit Is indicates that the Master Architect, Originator and Source of the Universe is ultimate, infinite, imaginative, ever-present and complete, but the image, blueprint or plan of this Living Infinite Spirit is always unfolding in the workshop of imagination.

Harness the Power of Imagination

“The secret of imagining is the greatest of all problems to the solution of which the mystic aspires. Supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight lie in the far-off solution of this mystery”, so writes Edward D. Faucett.

It is impossible for the sick person to find health, or a poor person to attract wealth, or the miserable person to find happiness, or a failure to become successful in the physical world no matter who he knows or what he does until he first images himself to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and successful. Results follow our mental impressions, they do not precede them. To constantly complain and focus on lack, unhappiness and limitation while remaining sick, poor and miserable in consciousness is to play the fool’s game. Changes will never take place from the level of consciousness of the problem and self-condemnation.

Nothing in life is condemned.

Everything is constantly being expressed and out-pictured by the creative use, misuse or abuse of imagination. It is important to realize that you unconsciously or unknowingly bring about the condition of limitation and lack. It is up to you to rise up to a higher level of awareness. Is it always an easy and comfortable process? I’d be lying to you if I said it is easy, but I will say it is the way to throw off the chains of wrong thinking. Doubts are stubborn. There are times when the habit of upheaval seems so powerful one feels shipwrecked on the shores of lack and limitation.

Questions to ask are:

  • How well am I dealing with the inevitable low tides or downs of life?
  • How can I benefit and remain positive in the face of adversity

Doubts come to seduce and sabotage.

Re-training yourself to persist in the face of adversity, (when the wolf is at the door), is essential to your success. The wolf or doubt is hungry for you to give up to another person's opinion, a past memory, opposing feeling or appearances. But you must take a leap in the dark and brave the storm. For all the gloom, imagine the rays of a new dawn and you will throw off the shadows of sorrow, guilt, anger, worry and fear.

Ideas affect the lives of those born and those who are yet to be born.

In the 1800's Dr Phineas Quinby stated: "the idea is the cure". This concept has been a life jacket that I have reached for many times over the years. I now know with certainty that ideas come to rescue me, uplift me, serve me, free me, and heal me, once I accept them in both my conscious and subconscious mind.

The Universe is a creative and expanding home in which we humans can create new forms out of the power of our imagination whenever we have a purpose, correct blueprint, right ideas, and the confidence and conviction to proceed to graduate from the school of human affliction.

Napoleon said, "Imagination rules the world"!

Cosmic Imagining, the ultimate power of infinite potency, is the source that brought forth a universe of endless forms and expressions -- creation itself. The realm of imagination is the ocean in which many world-processes swim. Disciplined, supervised, and directed imagination is your most precious and powerful inner faculty. We cannot divide, subtract, add or multiply that which is limitless and infinite.

Imagination is the life of all that is or will come to be. Imagination is the self-existent, originating principle of which all things are manifested. There is nothing outside of it.

The World

The world is a series of pictures or states of consciousness. What you are conscious of is real to you because you think and feel it is real. Your world is your very own personal mirror, forever mirroring your images and thoughts. It is your dream or your nightmare. Life is no respecter of the outer, physical you. It does not care if you claim that you are rich or poor, sick or healthy, a failure or a success. Life eternally rewards you with what you image and feel to be true of yourself.

  • What would you dare to imagine if you knew you could not fail?
  • What would be different in your life and how would you feel if you realized your dream?

The key to manifestation is to know that everything is first created in your own imagination from pictures and ideas. Once your mental blueprint is deeply felt, it is projected out into the world as experience.

Now is the time to rise up in consciousness and design new financial, personal, and health blueprints because your mental images act as the axle around which your life revolves. Only you can rebuild belief and emotionalize ideas with high frequency feelings of joy, happiness, love and gratitude and release the laws of consciousness, vibration, polarity, gender, relativity, rhythm and attraction into motion on your behalf.

I have been saying it for over 30 years and I will continue to say it now:

Image First! We change our experiences through the design and creation of our mental blueprints and images. Once united with them in consciousness, the impossible becomes possible and in ways we do not know, doors open, circumstances change, and results follow.

Change Your Images. Change Your Life!

Images or mental pictures are your prayers. Without the proper image, the law of attraction can not work for you. Your inner blueprints (images) determine your behavior and the results you attract in life. They set the boundaries for what you can and cannot accept. Living your life without a proper success image is like building a house without a blueprint.

  • Image First because you become what you imagine and feel to be true. With the proper mental blueprint you will be able to approach your life, the work that you do, and your relationships with optimism, and an attitude of positive expectations.
  • With a disciplined imagination you will open new doors to unlimited possibilities and put yourself on the road to a better, more fulfilling professional and personal life.

The Art of Healing is infallible and it is available to every person who chooses an imaginative, creative road rather than the road of limitation and habit.

The greatest secret in the world is Imaging creates reality!

Test it out and you will prove to yourself that you are an energy flowing being with a body. You will realize that the Living Spirit is within humankind.We can be changed in one way, by the transformation of our minds, (imagination).  Imagination is limitless, boundless and holds the answer to all questions once it is disciplined and awakened.

Melissa Zollo, law of attraction and self motivation specialist, is the author of "Discover the Power of Imagination" and "How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money" CD audio programs. FREE daily tips and newsletter available at .

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Let the Healing Journey Begin!

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