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Are You a Prisoner of Poverty or a Producer of Wealth?

By Melissa Zollo

Are you a prisoner of poverty, debt, loss, lack of happiness, feeling overloaded, frustrated and an inmate to failure? Noted author and American born mystic Neville says: "There is no fiction. Tomorrows world is today's fiction." (The definition of Fiction being something invented or created by ones imagination.)

The Primary Cause of Poverty is a Poverty Mindset (consciousness). The Primary Cause of Wealth is a Prosperity Mindset (consciousness). States of mind (consciousness) are passed down from one generation to the next. A poverty state of mind will cause you to see, hear, think, feel and act in alignment with lack.

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts and feelings create a force field of energy that radiates out from you and draws back into your life people, things and situations in tune with them. In other words, you become what you believe and feel to be true. Poverty is an outcome produced by way of our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it becomes clear that forces act along parallel lines. The challenges to our personal, professional, and financial success are for the most part self-created in our very own imagination.

You are here to lead a balanced life.

  • Would you like to express your true talents, feel appreciated, and have peace of mind and perfect health?
  • Why be satisfied with making ends meet when you can activate your imagination and enjoy the riches of your consciousness?
  • Why allow the doubts and fears of others to focus your attention towards recessions, economic crises, fluctuations at the stock market, and war leaving you ashamed of your dream for financial success and harmonious relationships?
  • Do you fear being successful? Why fear failure and ultimately fear your own success when it is your spiritual birthright to lead a full, rich, rewarding and wonderful life?

Now is the Time to Live Abundantly.

The joy of living the abundant life can be achieved once you understand that you were born to succeed and realize your dreams. You are fully equipped to become the master of your destiny. We humans fear change until we awaken to the truth that within the depths of our consciousness is an Infinite Power.

Knowing how to tap into it, empowers us to move forward beyond all the sorrow, guilt, grudges and fearful beliefs buried in our memory. The miracle working power of imagination enables us to take action, Image First and get results, regardless of how unfairly we were treated in the past.

There is No One to Change but Yourself.

Obstacles, a scoundrel of a boss or employee, a difficult situation and or event will not change on their own. However, once you awaken to your spiritual and mental powers, connect to a positive focus, understand and apply the Laws of Life, (not just the Law of Attraction) you will find yourself meeting all demands and challenges head on. You will refuse to allow people, situations and things to rob you of your focus and happiness. You will develop your confidence.

8 Choices You Can Make Today that Will Change Your Habits and Influence Your Life:

Since the direction of our lives is primarily determined by the choices we make each and every day I am offering you a selection of choices you can make - choices that will assist you in walking the road to riches, happiness and the fulfillment of your dreams.

  1. Choose a new mental diet. One of the most powerful activities you will ever participate in is uplifting self-talk. Be your own head coach. Change your inner conversations. Instead of talking about what you are afraid of or worried about, decide to consciously choose words that are consistent with your financial goals. For instance, I feel great. I am doing my best. I expect the best. I can accomplish my goals. I believe in myself. The negation of others cannot touch me. I am in the winner's circle of life.
  2. Choose to activate your imagination. My Discover the Power of Imagination CD program and my How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money are the perfect tools to assist you to reimage/refocus/rebuild/rethink/ receive!
  3. Choose to focus on your dreams and empower yourself. This sounds simple but many people only wish to experience wealth and success. They rarely choose to change their money habits nor do they seek to express themselves at a higher level of being. Make a decision today to get on the road to personal empowerment and self-improvement. Practice the Art of Creative Imagining.
  4. Choose to plant seeds of hope, happiness and harmony. Instead of proceeding to treat yourself poorly, you can opt to treat yourself as a valued, accepted, appreciated person. (Decide to plant seeds of high self-esteem no matter how others have treated you in the past or try to mistreat you now.) Try this and in time you will be sleeping peacefully and waking joyfully.
  5. Choose to break one financial bad habit. Decide to tackle your debt, spending habits, or something associated with money and give yourself the right to succeed. Exercise your power to Image First and design a new financial blueprint until your subconscious mind compels you to activate it and express financial rewards.
  6. Choose to become balanced spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. Our lives work best when we feel balanced. Invest quality time re-training your imagination and you will become spirituality, emotionally, physically and financially fit.
  7. Choose to make time for fun and self-renewal. Make a play date with yourself and turn off your cell phone.
  8. Choose to spend quality time with those important people in your life. Make a decision today to heal those relationships that need mending -- be they with your parents, siblings, significant other, beloved spouse, friends or children. Choose to forgive and watch your energy, self-motivation, and enthusiasm soar.

Money Habits

  • The key to changing your money habits lies in your ability to make decisions and choices from the perspective that the Life-Principle is within you. Knowing how and why the Universal Laws of Life never fail frees you from making choices rooted in outer events and negative situations around you.
  • Remember money is an idea. It is up to you to turn it into financial success. Financial education begins with a desire to make friends with the idea of money. To accumulate money and riches you must become very comfortable with the idea of deserving wealth and feeling secure and protected.
  • Next, you must make a conscious decision to cleanse your mind of all superstitious ideas and beliefs concerning money that you learned or acquired. Then you must choose to stop regarding money as dirty, or the root of all evil. Should you proceed to confuse greed with money you will continue to repel it and cause it to fly from you rather than be attracted towards you.
  • Learn ways to develop your confidence. The most powerful antidote to self-doubt is self-confidence. Successful people have high levels of self-confidence. They have an attitude that they are unstoppable and will achieve their goals.
  • Understand Spiritual Principles until you can apply them in any situation.
  • Turn within, to your own wonderful human imagination.
  • Remind yourself daily that externals showing up in your life are effects, they are not causes. Decide to change your thought-seeds (causes) and you will change your harvest (effects).

Your money dreams can make you rich. Creative answers exist within you. The triumph of a life lived in harmony with a disciplined imagination and spiritual laws will bring you peace and make you a producer of money, wealth and riches and never again condemn you to be a prisoner of poverty.

Never close a door on a dream, your dreams are calling you!

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