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I Forgive, aself-counsel to start your day!

Melissa Zollo

I forgive myself for everything I held against myself by remembering and reminding myself over and over of all the hurt I carried all these years. I am free,no longer imprisoned in a world of my subjective troubling memories. As I forgive myself, Ipenetrate the layers of the unconscious and impressitwith a new blueprint --that of acceptance, beauty, abundanceand love. I plant new seeds for the continual growth of my mental powers.I forgive myself and everyone who has played a part in my movie of life whereby I cast them as an extra.....yes, I cast them...and they replicated roles unworthy of their true character.

Armed with forgiveness, I choose to stop re-enacting unhappy scenes from the past. Iforgive before I fall asleep, and I forgive before my eyes look on this new day. And as I forgive Iremove my spiritualblinders and openthe windows of my soul to all the riches of life. I have made a decision. I choose to re-imagine, re-frame, rewrite, and re-edit my life rather than recast and rerunthe old negative TV series and radio broadcasts on the screen of my mind. Yes, today I go cold turkey.

I amdiscovering that the All-Originating Love is the only creative power inall world-systems. I am realizing that all of my erroneous thoughts and actions to which my feelings gave rise never separated me from Divine Love.I now make the first move towards reconciliation and am brought into conscious realization of that reciprocalcommunication with the Source of Life.

Infinite Loveis the essence of my true being. I feel renewed, uplifted,and released. Each and every timeIfocusmy thoughts on worthwhile goals,I feela river ofpeace surge through me. I haveconfidence inthe Healer Withinto restore a perfect balance in all and through all.As a result ofthis shift inawareness, Iwalk away from old conversations about lack and avoid what for me alone is negative to my heart and mind.I am willingly surrendering all sense of worthlessness, powerlessness, and helplessness. Yes, I am giving up all memories that are negative or hurtful for something positive, abundantly delightful,and healthful. That would be me. How goodit feelsto move beyondpast memories,childhood mistakes and confusion. I have my dream-seeds in hand. I choose to replant, fertilize, and nurture the love within myself. Ichoose wholeness of mind.I choose happiness.

Iam a child of I AM, an"heir according to the promise." I live in an imaginal universe capable of using the laws of the unseen side of things.As I look around at theworld it becomes a testimony to the stability of the foundation on which my dream is based.Today Irenew myrelationship with all of life. Ibegin a fresh, positive dialogue with those I meet. Irise up in imagination. Igive thanks for mytriumphant way of living. I walk in the direction ofthe fulfillment of my dream. I am so grateful and happy that I choose to practice the art of self-forgiveness!

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