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By Dr. Thurman Fleet

The faculty of reason has been viewed as a function of what has been known as free will, that is, in the process of reasoning, we choose, or arrive at, one of two or more possible conclusions. We term the result reason or the exercise of reason.

The process of reasoning is governed by resonance and what we have mistaken for free will, or choice, is merely the result of a group of cells representing one conclusion vibrating more abnormally than the group of cells that represents the discarded conclusion. Both conceptions or conclusions are the result of a suggestion, in the form of a question we wish to decide. The vibration of this question, in radiating as thought waves, meets in its path two or more groups of brain cells that are within its sphere of relative motion, and these groups are brought into consciousness, making it necessary to choose between them. What we term choice is, in reality, a greater vibration of certain groups of brain cells, and our decision is made in accordance with the greater degree of vibration.

Logic, reason, and judgment depend upon the individual degree of consciousness and concentration. Concentration tends to eliminate or exclude vibrations having no bearing on the subject from consciousness, and by such exclusion they are prevented from influencing the decision. The decision, by logic, reason, or judgment, is the final product of the different vibrations. These vibrations are the source of electric waves, which in turn are the source of other vibrations; and the final product is the abnormal vibration representing the choice we think we make.

The foregoing explanations acquaint the student with the fact that physical and mental qualities of matter are governed by the same laws and are inseparable from each other. For centuries, the psychologist has been aware of the influence of mind over matter, but it has been only within recent years that the study of physics and the discovery of the electron have brought science to the realization our mental and physical actions and reactions are so closely interwoven and related to each other it is impossible to consider the actions of one without taking into consideration the actions of the other when we are dealing with the human organism.

Dr Thurman Fleet Founder of Concept Therapy.


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