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By Martha Randolph Carr†††

By now, most of us are at least familiar with, The Secret, even if we roll our eyes whenever itís mentioned. The aggravation seems to come from the misconception that the short film about creating the life you desire is telling people all they have to do is imagine what they want and it will magically pop into view. †

It had a few more steps. The Secret formula was really, first become clear about what you desire, keep that thought, have faith in something bigger, and then as new opportunities arise, take them. Itís just that if a viewer was dead set against change, the part about taking action probably flew right by them. What they desired the most was to be left alone and voila, thatís what appeared before them. †

Iíll tell you right upfront, very clearly, that if you desire positive change in your life itís going to require you to get up and do a few things. That part about faith in something bigger will be there to help you along the way. However, that first step you take when you donít yet have any proof is only going to happen when you finally make a different choice.††

Really, the idea of living life by your own particular description has been around for awhile. The late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was preaching that philosophy when he wrote the bestseller, The Power of Positive Thinking. †

Peale was pointing out that a lot of us donít get what we want because we prefer to put our focus on what we donít like about our lives. If a compliment comes our way, we chastise the giver by telling them about the flaws in ourselves they apparently overlooked. Our conversation is littered with judgment and limitation and when we call a friend itís to either complain or lament. We canít build a better idea because weíre too stuck on the ones that donít work. In other words, the only thing stopping us from moving in the direction of what we so badly want is once again, just us.†

Notice, I didnít say, get what we want, but instead, start down that path. That can be a much easier launch and adds in the notion that life is all about the journey, not any particular destination. †

But in order to change some habits that arenít serving us, a certain amount of reprogramming is going to be necessary.

A new tool thatís fast becoming a favorite is the Present Memory series from Melissa Zollo. Rather than a set of ideas that we then have to figure out how to incorporate into our lives, the CD series offers different meditations that can be used every day without eating up a lot of time or money. Zollo calls the method the Art of Intentional Creation, and recommends people give it a try for 90 days straight and see what happens. Many people are finding that taking the time to start and end each day with calm and focus is helping them to live a better life. And, the more theyíve stayed focused on what they truly desire to see change, the more opportunities have arisen for them to take positive actions.†

That seems so obvious but so does making a financial budget with a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be. Very few people do that either and yet still wonder why they have no money. Again, that part about actually doing something is very key to the success.†

There are a few things Iíd like to change in my own life
that run the usual gamut. Buy a place in Manhattan, run an entire 5k, create an ample reserve, meet the right man and have a bestseller. Donít roll your eyes, itís my list. Iím willing to put my money where my mouth is and invest in the CDís, put in the work for the last three months of this year and see what happens. Iíll report back occasionally along the way and let you know what happens. More adventures to follow.
Martha Randolph Carrís latest book, A Place to Call Home, a memoir about the reemergence of U.S. orphanages is available wherever books are sold. If youíd like Martha or Melissa to come and speak to your group visit: Email Martha at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit Marthaís Big Adventure Ė Coming soon to World Talk Radio.

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