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Putting “Victory Focus” Into Action

By Paul Davison

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a self-help CD set entitled: Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation," by Melissa Zollo . Melissa Zollo is a self-described “imagist” living in New York City, whose company, Present Memory, provides consultations, seminars, workshops, writings, and CD’s geared towards utilizing a form of the Law of Attraction to achieve positive outcomes and results in people’s lives

I wasn’t exactly skeptical when a friend of mine first presented me with the CD, as I had done some work with “The Secret” and Esther and Jerry Hicks in the past and was already familiar with many of the concepts associated with the Law of Attraction. However, I will say that I wasn’t exactly seeking more information or guidance in this area. At least, I wasn’t consciously asking the Universe to provide me with additional guidance…

It turns out that the timing was perfect, as I was in the midst of a huge turning point in my life and was desperately in need of all of the positive energy I could attract.

Several months ago, and basically on a whim, my wife and I decided to check out some real estate in a neighboring town. Oddly enough, we had just returned from a vacation over Fourth of July weekend, during which we had ironically just made a commitment to abandon any ideas of upgrading our home and instead commit to staying in our two bedroom condo for another couple of years so as to save money and not distract ourselves with a move.

You see, as we had just started our own home-based business earlier this year, our living space had suddenly become a bit of a problem. And by that I mean: too small. But since our finances have been rather tight lately with the added expenses of starting a business, we weren’t sure if we had the resources available to make the move at this time, and we also felt that our constant pining for a new living space might be distracting us from excelling in our jobs and building our business.

But somehow, despite our intentions, we were compelled to have a look around at some properties and suddenly found ourselves putting our condo on the market. Most people might think that this was insane, given the current housing market, but we were convinced that we could achieve a profit on the condo we had purchased only 18 months earlier.

Within about three weeks we began receiving offers on our home. In the meantime, we began looking around for a new home. This time, we were focused on manifesting a home we could grow our family in, so it was important to have proper space for our offices and for potential future children. We also wanted to manifest a home had contemporary styling, tons of outdoor space, was easily upgradable and expandable, situated on a large private lot, zoned agricultural (so we could raise chickens if we wanted), and was also one more thing: affordable.

This time the doldrums of the real estate market were working in our favor as several possibilities that were within our price range emerged. We began to focus all of our intention on one candidate, much to the chagrin of our real estate agent and my parents. Obviously we couldn’t make an offer on a new home without selling our home, so we accepted an offer on our home that netted us an 11% profit on our investment. A little lower that we had hoped, but still respectable given the market conditions.

This was scary for us as if we weren’t able to score this new home we had our sights set on, we would be “out of a house” and perhaps forced to settle on a property that didn’t set our hearts afire like this one did. We quickly submitted a pretty low-ball offer, not knowing another interested party had simultaneously submitted a more substantial offer on the same property.

At about the same time, I had begun listening to the Melissa Zollo CD. What I liked most about the CD was in its ability to help me focus my energy and enthusiasm towards the object of my desire, which was in this case, this new home. During one visualization session I began to imagine what it would feel like to live in this new house. In my mind’s eye, I pictured my little daughter running through the huge field out front of the house, and in my mind’s heart I began to generate vibrations of what sensations that image would inspire within me. I pictured myself waking up in my new home, working there, sharing get-togethers there. More important than mere images, however, I conjured up the actual feelings I would experience if the possibility of actually attracting this home had become a reality.

We submitted another offer, but at the same time, we were suddenly running into some problems securing financing. With the changes in the mortgage industry now taking effect, we were under much more scrutiny than in our two previous home-buying experiences. Even though I was trying to take advantage of my Veterans benefits and use a VA Loan, one of the lenders I was working with suddenly had a problem with my income and the fact that it is derived from commissions as opposed to salary. Conventional lenders said they could approve us, but we would require a much larger down payment than the VA Loan and we didn’t exactly have a nest egg hiding in our mattress that could help us in that department.

Despite these apparent obstacles, we remained focused on our goal of securing this house. My family began to doubt my intentions, encouraging me to either look at cheaper homes or abandon our search altogether and renege on the offer we had received to sell our condo.

The “Visioning” exercises were extremely effective in helping me to only focus on my desired outcome: which was providing a proper home for my family. I began to become inspired by the thoughts and feelings that I indeed deserved a home of my dreams and didn’t have to settle for second best.

Just as it seemed as though all was lost, we remained positive, focused on the result we wanted. Incredibly, the sellers accepted our second offer, which was still a bargain for us, but was very respectable to them, given the market conditions.

But there was only one problem remaining: my VA lender, who was offering me the lowest down payment and the best interest rate told me that he wouldn’t be able to provide the funding unless I was able to prove that I was on salary and not commission. My company offered to write whatever letters I needed but they couldn’t do the one thing my lender was asking: actually change my pay stubs to reflect that distinction. All seemed lost.

My wife and I continued focusing on the outcome we wanted, we continued to visualize and imagine using Melissa’s powerful CD. I literally “let go” of this lender, and began to search elsewhere for different options, still not giving into the fear of giving up my home without having a new home wrapped up, still convinced that I would be able to find a solution.

The simple practice of letting go was truly magical. I set free the idea of not getting the loan with my desired lender and suddenly something incredible happened: I received a call from that same lender who had just said no the day before. Without me doing a thing other than refocusing my attention towards success his “no” had become a “yes.” The funding had come in at just the right time, as the sellers needed a new pre-approval letter showing we could secure funding for the offer we had just made.

That afternoon, on my way home, I drove over to what will soon be our new home. It was a beautiful day, the sun shining through a swaying wall of trees surrounding the property, a crisp blue sky blanketing endlessly above. Since the sellers had already moved out, I felt secure knowing I could walk around the property and the grounds for a few moments and tap into the buzzing vibration of achieving what was at one point just a dream. Tears welled up in my eyes as I surveyed the property, which aligned exactly with the style of homes that I had placed up on my Vision Board inspired by “The Secret.” I had witnessed the power of imagination in action, the limitless magic of intentional creation now in my hands.

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