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“The Availability of Infinite Supply”

By Davis Goss

We are told that the world economy is in serious trouble. This conviction is supported by experts, analysts and financial scholars who make their views known in newspaper, radio, television and the internet. This situation impacts the mindset of each one of us individually. "Mindset" is defined by Webster as, "a mental attitude that influences and determines events and circumstances".

Guess what. The law of "like begets like" works! The mindset of lack, limitation and depletion of resources manifest itself in like conditions. It's a self-fulfilling prophesy. Your mindset doesn't make any value judgments. It manifests whatever it is told; good or bad. It is the law!

Today, people are accepting the world belief in a lack of resources as being real. Contrast this with the fact that we live in an infinite universe which Webster defines as "the whole body of things without limit or exception and accruing everywhere". It embodies all natural laws and principles which Webster defines as, "the creative and controlling forces of the universe".

The contrast of depletion on one hand and unlimited abundance on the other hand, is a classic example of the phenomenon of opposites. By definition, opposites cannot coexist or be justified one to the other. You have one or the other, but cannot have both at the same time. One is real and true; the other is unreal and fraudulent. The unlimited abundance of the universe can no more include the idea of lack and limitation than light can include darkness.

Dr. Einstein tells us that, "no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We must learn to see the world anew". The universal problem of lack, limitation and depleted resources can never be resolved while it is accepted as a real and valid concept. We must see the situation from a different perspective if we ever want to resolve it.

Because you cannot experience anything other than that of which you are consciously aware, the solution lies in restructuring your mindset to be in concert with the infinity of "the controlling forces of the universe". Anything that appears to be external to this conscious awareness is, according to Webster, "fraudulent and fictitious; an unreal illusion". Until you can see this, your efforts to "get more supply" will be tantamount to trying to put water into the mirage in the desert or trying to straighten out the railroad tracks that appear to converge at the horizon.

The real nature of supply is not unlike honesty, love, gratitude, etc. Although seemingly intangible, they are real and cannot be depleted; the more you use them the more thy will multiply. They are infinite and omnipresent and operate unspent.

When this conscious incorporeal sense of abundance dominates your mindset, you will find it manifesting itself in appropriate forms. Remember, you are not trying to correct a fraudulent illusion and trying to make it real. Your only focus must be on assuming a quiet "listening" attitude and allowing the "controlling forces of the universe" to express themselves in your experience. You are simply an observer and must be obedient to its directives. By so doing, you will prove for yourself that what the world calls "miracles" are simply natural laws and principles in action.

About Davis Goss 

For more than 50 years Davis Goss, author of “The Science of Living Better Forever” has been a creative consultant with particular expertise in problem solving for a widely diverse client base that has included many of the giants of American business for over 50 years.

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