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Positive Living – My Perspective

Getting What You Want 

By Patricia Raskin 

If we know what we want, why is it so hard to get it? Melissa Zollo, author of Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation, and a guest on my program, discuss how mental blueprints determine our behavior, what we attract in life and why “our feelings are worth a fortune.” 

Her Present Memory  programs offer tools to help reset your images and build belief where this none so we attract success rather than repel it. 

“To get what we want, she says, we need a blueprint. As with an architects’ design, she said, it is an image, a detailed picture or a vision of something. Images are the foundation for the realization of goals,” she said. “Living life without a success image is like building a house without a blueprint. Our mental blueprints determine the results we attract in life. They set the limit for what we can or can’t accept.” 

“We have a personal money, health, success and relationship blueprint engrained in our mind. Bottom line is how we feel in a situation corresponds to our blueprint and beliefs. When we redesign our mental blueprints we remove the mental blocks that stand between us and goals. Once we know how to image, our ability to succeed is unlimited.” 

We know what we really want by paying attention to our inner conversations and feelings and learning the art of how thoughts control our life. “By asking ourselves what we want, we begin the process,” she said. “Want is the state of lack, not having something. Wanting is desire without energy. It is like an unfertilized seed. It produces no harvest. Once I know what I want I can plant my seed knowing I will reap a result.” 

On superstition, she said, “Superstition is a belief. All beliefs if felt to be true invite results. If we have an irrational fear of Friday, the 13th, we misuse Spiritual Laws. Life is a mirror. It reflects what we deposit into ourselves. Take off the spiritual blinders. A directed imagination is our most powerful resource. Since thoughts are creative, be open and receptive and focus on the cherished desires of our heart. Be faithful to the new blueprint and one day we will find it realized in reality.” 

(Copyright 2006. Patricia Raskin is the host and producer of Positive Living Radio Show. This article was published in the Carteret County NEWS-TIMES. To learn more about Melissa Zollo and the Present Memory audio programs or to sign up for her FREE newsletter visit



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