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The Greatest Prescription

Dr. Frank Parisi

The identification of a disease through various tests and examination is called diagnosis. Doctors and diagnosticians use the inductive process of reasoning to find the common truth or common denominator in all of the premises ascertained.Thus they reason: the patient has high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and weakened left ventricle muscle, high cholesterol (especially the LDL), and the patient suffers from Type II Diabetes. The common truth in all of these premises is serious heart disease.

Most doctors view the human body as both the cause and the effect of itself. They have little knowledge of an Innate Intelligence that creates the entire human body, with billions of functions, from a single microscopic cell. The human body is constantly in a state of becoming, a becoming that is determined by the ideas that the Soul is selecting. To be precise, this Intelligence, which resides in every cell of our being, is constantly re-creating our body according to the nature of these selections.

Inductive process of reasoning is the most powerful gift that mankind has been given. We have no power to change our body or environment unless we change the makeup of the ideas that we have selected concerning any thought, thing or act. The basic concept thus becomes thedirector of the innate intelligence that resides in every cell of our being.

The admonition: "there are no incurable diseases, there are only people with incurable ideas," thus becomes understood.

Let us go back now to the patient with the serious heart disease. Please remember that all of the premises of high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and weakened left ventricle muscle, high
cholesterol (especially the LDL), and that the patient suffers from Type II Diabetes, are just premises that are associated with heart disease, they are NOT CONCLUSIONS. We can change the conclusion by changing the selection of the premises. The responsibility of selecting the premises liescompletely with the Soul (chooser of ideas) The doctor who understands the inductive process of reasoning, reasons thusly --all of the premises concerning your heart are true. However, we are going to select several new premises to change the common truth in all of the premises thereby changing the conclusion. We are going to put you on an Inner Cleansing diet as well as Balanced Meals to addressyour cholesterol and diabetes. We are going to start an exercise regimen to strengthen the muscles of your heart and create regular heart beat. We are going toteach you how to manage the stresses of life, such as anger, worry, hatred, fear and the like. In short, it is very possible to have Perfect Circulatory Health (NEW CONCLUSION) in about six months.

Thus the doctorwith theknowledge on how to direct the Innate Intelligence writes the greatest prescription.


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