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Where Do You Live?

Margaret Ruth Broome

Your state of consciousness determines the conditions and circumstances of your life. Look around and you will see the state (belief) in which you now live. If you do not like what you see, you can change it. This is done by thinking from a new idea. It is not easy to mentally walk away from youraccustomed thoughts because they have become habitual. But if you will persist, a new life will be yours.Your outer world changes only as it is inwardly directed.

Joy and sorrow, peace and harmony, trouble and pain are caused by the use or misuse of your mind. Awaken to a loving imagination and you will see everything subjectively related to yourself.You will realize that "strangers" have no power to come into your world.You, and you alone, draw all things out of yourself.

Thoughts have the power to create or destroy a world.A state of consciousness is the sum total of all that you believe, accept and consent to as true. What you believe need not be true, it could be false, a half truth, a lie, a superstition or a prejudice, but your belief is the house in which you live, and as long as you remain there similar problems will confront you.

A physical move will not change the circumstances of your life, for you must change your thinking to change your world. The Bible calls states of consciousness mansions of the Lord, cities, rooms, and is always encouraging one to move into the upper or higher levels of self.

Time and space cannot change the conditions of your life by themselves, for space is only the facility for experience and time the facility for change.

As imagination, you have the power to create and the power to change that which is created. Memory built your world.If your memory is beautiful, beauty presides, but if it is ugly, ugliness is perpetuated. If change is desired, it must be done in your memory, for only as your thinking changes will your world be changed.

You must become the operator of your powerful imagination if you do not your life will never change.

Want to know the state you are now in? Listen to your thoughts, for they are always singing their own song. Listen carefully, and you will hear the cause of life reveal itself in your inner speech. If you have never uncritically observed your reactions to life; if you are totally unaware of your subjective behavior, then you do not know the cause of your world.

Forever standing in the presence of infinite and eternal energy from which all things proceed, your thoughts, following a definite track, cause the energy to move out and crystallize itself. Change your thoughts by transforming and renewing your mind with new ideas and you will change your world.

Where do you live? Listen! Are you hearing yourself make negative comments? Are you excusing delay or failure, arguing or condemning? Man has a peculiar affection for feeling unwanted or hurt so he can talk about it. Try and pull yourself out of your present habitual state and move into the house of your dreams. Persist and ittoo,will become a habit and externalize itself in your world.

There is noone to change but yourself. You are the eternal energy of the world.

(Margaret Ruth Broome is the author of "The Invisible You". To order Ms Broome's book please call 212 929 5962. Limited copies are available. Copyright 2006. All rights reserved) If you distribute this article, please do not edit content and include web information.


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