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Get Going on Letting Go!

By Rev. J.D. Bloom

In the November issue of The Source, Melissa Zollo describes 10 Magical Steps to Fulfilling Your Prosperity Dream!   One of the important tips she describes is that of “letting go.”  Since the New Year is a time of saying good-bye to the old and welcoming the new, let’s look closer at the powerful concept of letting go in order to make room for the new images you are working.

Many people have a sincere desire to release old, worn out beliefs and emotions, but can’t seem to shake free of their limiting thoughts.  They act like gum stuck to the bottom of our shoeit’s messy and hard to get rid of!  However, its important to eliminate these energy-consuming negative thoughts from your mind so that the dreams and desires you wish to flourish have sufficient space to take root and grow. 

As an example, if you were planting a garden with beautiful flowers, wouldn’t you lovingly tend to the flowerbed and make sure any weeds that popped up would be plucked out immediately so that the flowers you planted have space to grow and flourish?  Of course – and the same holds true for your images of wealth and happiness you plant in your mind.  You must let go of the negative or limiting ideas so that the positive thoughts can flourish as well. 

To start the New Year with a healthy garden in your mind, here are a few techniques to practice in order to become a master at letting go:

1.  Journaling – Keep a notebook handy and when you are feeling your thoughts and emotions running counter to your new image, write them down – get them out of your head and onto the paper.  Don’t judge or analyze what you are writing – the purpose is simply to release the thoughts from your mind onto the paper.  Don’t worry about writing neatly, using complete sentences, grammar, or anything else – just get it out!   Make it a part of your daily routine to spend a few minutes releasing onto paper any runaway thoughts.  By physically writing down your mind chatter, it releases the energy around the negative thoughts and frees up more creative energy to support your new images of success and happiness.  Immediately after releasing the negative thoughts, spend at least as much time journaling what you do want to attract into your life.  Refocus the energy of your mind by writing down your new image in rich, colorful words that evoke feelings of being prosperous, joyful and alive!

2. Forgive Yourself – Perhaps you are experiencing negative self-talk or still holding yourself accountable for some mistake in the past.  Feelings of guilt, remorse, unhappiness, or sorrow are natural emotions, but need to be released in order to make room for positive feelings of happiness, success and abundance.  Take a moment to write down any situations over which you have not forgiven yourself.  Did you do the best you could at that time?  Did you learn from the mistake?  What blessings have you received from this situation?  Understand that by not forgiving yourself, you only keep yourself chained to the past instead of moving forward into new possibilities of good. 

3. Forgive Others – Just as we often don’t let ourselves off the hook for mistakes from the past, we may also be holding unforgiveness against others for their mistakes or actions toward us.  Feelings of blame, criticism, anger, betrayal, fear, and resentment keep us emotionally bound to other people.  Find a quiet time to focus on letting go of these limiting emotions and forgive everyone you still hold a grudge against.  To forgive simply means to “give it up” – give up retelling the same painful story over and over.  Give up the hurt and pain you may have experienced. After all, it’s only hurting you – not the other person! Then, immediately create a positive feeling – like compassion – to send to the person you have just forgiven.   After all, the other person was doing the best they could at the time as well.

4. Breathing and Exercise – Often old, painful feelings stay trapped in our physical body and need to be released.  Try deep breathing in a regular, rhythmic fashion each day.  Use the 15-minute breathing exercise in the Present Memory program on a daily basis and watch the clarity that comes from this physical releasing practice.  In addition, regular physical exercise, such as a brisk 15-minute walk, can promote the release of old, pent up energies stored in the body and create an opening for health and vitality.

5. Meditation – If you don’t do so already, begin a regular routine of visualization and meditation each day to consciously relax the mind and its stubborn hold on old, habitual thought patterns. By dedicating a few minutes each day to consciously stilling the activity of the mind, you train your mind to work for you, not against you, and easily let go of outmoded ways of thinking.  In addition, call upon your concept of God or Higher Power for assistance in letting go, to affirm Divine support in your desire to release negative thoughts and emotions with ease.

6.Take a Retreat – Most mystics and sages through the centuries spent significant time alone as a way of letting go and emptying the mind.  Treat yourself to a weekend retreat and physically remove yourself from your normal environment.   By making time to “come apart” from your normal activities, a fresh perspective can be gained. If you can’t get away to a quiet location, take a day in your own home – unplug the phones, turn off the computer and TV, light a few candles and stay quiet for the entire day. Give your mind the opportunity to let go of the usual busyness it is usually occupied with, and instead focus on your new images of success and well being.  You will experience the benefit of resting as well as energizing yourself with positive uplifting thoughts!

Practicing these techniques allows you to experience “letting go” in practical ways and, in turn, releasing more of the powerful creative energies of your mind to focus on manifesting your dreams and desires!

Rev. J.D. Bloom is an ordained Unity minister. He has served as the Director of Development for the Unity School of Christianity, and is a welcomed contributor to Present Memory's newsletter "The Source" . If you reprint or distribute this article simply leave the article, author's byline and links intact. Please do not edit this or any article for style, content or length. Thank you.


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