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Positive Images and Words Work Wonders

By Patricia Raskin

Words are words? Right? Wrong! Words can make or break you emotionally and sometimes physically.
We remember those cutting and cruel words that wound us and sometimes they go round and round in our heads.  If we could also remember those beautiful kind and loving words that lift us up, our worlds would be brighter. So how do you get the negative words out of your head and substitute them for the positive?
Not easy, but doable.

You must be able to image positive outcomes. You must believe that those images are real. We attract what we believe. The belief is the tricky part because we want to believe the images we see, but often the little voice comes in and says, “yeah, right! This will not happen.”  And when we do that we push the image out.

So let’s give an example here.  Let’s say you have had a “falling out” with someone and you want to repair it but don’t think you can.  See yourself shaking that person’s hand and maybe even giving them a hug. Too scary?  Ask yourself why and then open your mind and heart to the possibility that this could happen.
Each night before you go to sleep and/or upon awakening, see that image and then let it go. Don’t try to figure out the why’s or  how’s, just see it.

The expert on imaging who I’ve had on both my “Positive Living” programs and who has written about is Melissa Zollo.  imagist, speaker and author of  the CD “Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation.”(www.presentmemory.comThis work is very powerful.

In my book Pathfinding I write,  “The effect of a smile, a thank you, a cheerful voice on the phone, can make the difference in your day and in the next action you take toward another person. Kindness and radiating love is felt by others because we transmit energy by our presence. Have you ever noticed how a group of people without the regulars in attendance, changes the energy and exchanges within the group? We all have such a profound impact on each other, often much more than we realize… Kindness is the poetry of the heart, the music of the soul. Kind words and loving deeds come from a goodness that turns everything positive. Kindness is so inexpensive, yet so priceless. It comes from a loving heart, and like love, it can’t be forced, coaxed or teased out. It comes from deep within us at a soul level, unasked and unsought.”

So the next time you are with someone who says something that truly impacts you and makes a difference in your life, let them know. Here’s part of a note I wrote to friends, “I can't thank you enough for the time you gave me today. Your wisdom was profound and you were both so kind and loving to me. Both of your words really made a difference. I love you both and feel blessed to have you in my life. Thanks again for today. I am carrying the positive images with me.”

There’s enough negativity out there to run the world and sometimes we think it does if it’s all we listen to.
But there’s a whole other world out there. One of beauty, love, kindness and generosity. This is not to diminish the difficult times that we all must face at one or another times in our lives. It’s to say that there is more, so much more. And we can have the positive words and images and visions if we want them. They are right in front of us. So go get them!

Patricia Raskin is a producer, author and host of Positive Living.

Melissa Zollo is an imagist, author and inspirational speaker. Visit



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