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Imaginative Woman Soars to Greatness

By Theresa Sweeney

(Published in the Happy Herald Newspaper April, 2007)

“Are you ready to soar?” asks Melissa Zollo, one of the world’s most listened to authors on personal and professional success and self-empowerment. Melissa knows that we all have a personal money, health, success, and relationship blueprint ingrained in our subconscious mind and it is this image that influences our success in life.

Melissa’s work in imagery evolved from her struggle to overcome childhood trauma. The rejection, pain, loss, and abuse she suffered caused her to fear life and to back away from her dreams. “Most of my early life I surrendered to other people’s beliefs about who I was. I had beautiful dreams, but was surrounded by harshness that wounded my creative heart and crippled my self confidence,” she says. By the age of 21, though, Melissa was determined to regain her life. “I no longer wanted to be smothered by my inner conflicts or by people with no vision,” she says.

Melissa discovered the power of the subconscious mind; the power of suggestion and the Universal Law of Attraction, Polarity, and Vibration. She became aware that imagination created reality. “Soon I believed it was possible to rebuild myself from within,” she says. “I realized that belief is the law of life and images, feelings and thoughts create (be they desirable or undesirable thoughts.) I learned that fear is a ‘desertion of trust’ in the Healer Within and that most of us are suffering from ‘amnesia of the soul’.”

These discoveries helped Melissa release her self-doubt and gain confidence in who she was. When she connected with her innate intelligence and imagined the results she wanted to experience she soared. She says that the process taught her that nothing happens to us by chance, or some outside power; that there is an art to personal fulfillment and an art to intentionally realizing our dreams; and that the process for restoring and healing our memory and unleashing the power of our deeper mind is not only possible, it is our spiritual birthright.

“For thirty years, I focused on ‘cracking the mystery’ behind miracles of healing, be they financial, personal, or related to health,’ she says. “Upheavals came to test my grit, but I became emboldened by these challenges. I learned that all of y dreams had the potential to be realized and that all things are possible to achieve, in spite of opposition and obstacles, if only I persisted to believe in myself and the Power Within”.

Melissa now embraces her journey of awakening and encourages others to feel their joy, awaken their potential, and connect to the Healer Within. She created a company, Present Memory LLC, because she wanted to share the ‘code to change” with others. “My goal is to help others pursue their dreams with passion, purpose and inner conviction to succeed,” says Melissa. Her client base includes CEO’s and professionals from the fields of Finance, Health, Publishing, Entertainment, and the Arts. Melissa regularly receives testimonials from people saying how her ideas have helped them heal from an illness, overcome debt, increase their income, or simply live more passionate joyful lives. Deborah Corbin, a physical therapist in Massachusetts, is one such success story.

When she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis her doctor believed she had an incurable disorder and told her that Autoimmune Hepatitis doesn’t just go away. After hearing Melissa speak and sharing the admonition that there are no incurable diseases, only people with incurable ideas, Deborah decided to develop a health blueprint (something she learned how to do at Melissa’s seminars) and reverse the effects of her negative thinking. Using Melissa’s Discover the Power of Imagination audio program every day, Deborah imaged a health scenario in her imagination. “Then it happened exactly as I had imagined it,” she says. “My liver tests went from twice the normal numbers to normal. My doctor had no way to justify what had happened. I cured myself.” Melissa hears storied like this a lot and it further convinces her that we all have untapped healing ability within.

Melissa has been a featured guest on “Integrative Wellness” WPKN 89.5 FM. She has also a featured guest on Wealth4U in Spirit and is often heard on other nationally broadcast shows.

“Learn to Image First and you will start attracting, producing, and increasing your success results,” she says. “Never close a door on a dream – your dreams are calling you!”

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