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Unlocking Minds to Create New Realities.
Imagine It ! Feel It! Live The Dream!


What are you Dreaming of?
Where are you on your journey in life?

  • Are you wondering how to activate your imagination or how to apply the Law of Consciousness, Vibration and Attraction so that you open the gateway to confidence, riches and happiness?
  • Are you getting sidetracked by old habits or do you want to walk into a life of luxury and claim your Spiritual, Mental, and Material Riches NOW?
  • Are you going nowhere due to fear barriers?
  • Did you think you were doing things right, only to discover that your dreams disappeared?

Dream Your World into Being

With Melissa Zollo’s IMAGE FIRST CLINIC!

The emphasis is on imagining, creating, attracting, and receiving. The focus in on you!

…A departure from the usual flood of self-help motivational leaders, one comes away from Zollo's presentation uplifted by a sense of self-discovery and a clear vision and appreciation for what is possible.”
Professor Deborah Nightingale
Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division
Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT,
Boston, MA

In What Area Would You Like to Heal and Succeed?

It only takes one powerful image and idea to change your fortune and your life.

In this 4 week clinic, Melissa shows us how to "transform ourselves into an empowered, imaginative, attraction magnet" by understanding how spiritual laws operate and how to apply the healing principle correctly. She will show you how to activate your imagination and believe in yourself as you build a beneficial partnership between your conscious and subconscious mind. Topics covered will include: Your Invisible Power - THE ATTRACTION FORCE; How to Imagine Success, and give form and expression to the Power Within; Maximize your potential through the Power of Imagination & develop self-confidence and self-esteem; CREATE SUCCESS BLUEPRINTS, choose wealth goals and receive results; How to anchor a health, wealth, relationship and success image until it forms a firm foundation that withstands opposition and acts as a lighthouse;  How to attract the things you desire using the Law of Attraction - “Like Attract Like”; Experience the Imaginal Dynamic process and Rise Up & Envision Results - Choose Creativity not Competition; ASK – RECEIVE  – THANK by using the Laws of Vibration (your feelings) and "Identical Harvest" (thought-seeds); Establish yourself as a powerful success magnet and CREATE SYNCHRONICITY with money, family, friends, co-workers, customers and clients; Use the Power of Auto-Suggestion and Create a Mental Atmosphere of Accomplishment.

There is no one to change but yourself!

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Imagist, Melissa Zollo

“Today is the Most Successful Day of Your Life” ~ Melissa Zollo

Stop looking for what you want and start attracting it! Join us and learn how to:

  • Charge yourself with money magnetism. Get the promotion you want, the raise you need, the recognition you deserve!
  • Attract perfect customers, business associates, and increase your sales using your Imagination
  • Magnetize perfect personal relationships, develop friendships
  • Strengthen your marriage and enhance existing partnerships
  • Develop unstoppable focus. Build unshakable confidence
  • Increase health by changing your beliefs & emotional reactions.
  • Move beyond painful memories. Let go of emotional baggage.
  • Design a success blueprint of exactly what you want to achieve and start accepting abundance into your life
  • Activate Your Imagination! Release the Law of Attraction
  • Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!

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Now it’s your turn!

This interactive workshop will change lives.
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Dates: October 18/ 25 - November 1/ and Nov. 8, 2008

Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Location: Westbeth Artist Complex - The Community Room, 155 Bank Street Between the West Side Highway and Washington Streets (The West Village), New York City
$299.00 (After Sept.21, 2008 $399)

Special offer: 25% off all Present Memory audio programs when you sign up ( does not include consultations) .This offer is not valid on the day of the seminar. Use coupon code: Image First!

Limited Seating. Register Now: 212 929 5962

No shows will not be refunded, nor will they receive credit.




Let the Healing Journey Begin!

Activate Your Imagination! Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!