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Would you like an inspiring feature added to your Web site?  One that dynamically changes every day, at no cost to you?

Feature the Present Memory Daily Inspirations on your Web site!  It is easy and straightforward.  Just have your Web site designer place a single line of code in your page where you would like the tips to appear:

Start every day with a Present Memory Tip.

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<script src=""></script>

The Daily Inspirations will appear in your page, as shown to the left.

YOU GET updated content for your website every day, without having to do the updates. Once you add the code to your page or pages, updates are automatic. All of the work is done for you, on our site. The tip is updated each day at a few minutes after midnight.

Present Memory,
in turn, gets more exposure by being featured on your site.

These Daily Inspirations will change on a daily basis, with no interaction on your part.  

And best of all, there is no charge or fee of any kind for the use of the "Daily Inspirations" on your site.

Add interactivity and inspiration to your site with Present Memory!


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